While device manufacturers are determined to release slimmer and sleeker devices, rounded glass corners, reduced bezels and glass bodies, the reality is that mobile devices are more susceptible to shattering and breaking than ever.

Smartphone cases are a necessity, specially for kids who may not be as careful or caring towards their devices. A good smartphone case offers additional all-around protection, it adds substantial grip to otherwise slippery surfaces as well as offer various ways to stand and position smartphones for viewing.

Smartphone cases designed for kids need to offer all the protection and functionality of regular cases but they also have to be appealing, fun and entertaining so kids will want to use them.  Here are some of the ones I like best.

LifeProof Fitted Hard Shell Case

Tackle life’s greatest adventures while keeping your smartphone safe and secure in this Lifeproof FRE case.

Featuring airtight design and rugged construction renders it waterproof up to 2m and drop-proof from 6.6 feet. It’s also snow-proof, dust-proof, and dirt-proof, so wherever life takes you, you can take your S8 along with confidence.
This Waterproof, snow-proof sealing case means your device can survive the elements and accidental submersion in up to 2 metres of water for 1 hour, and a drop-proof construction that can survive falls from up to 6.6 feet, which makes it ideal for the daily grind.
This case also comes with built-in protective cover shield to protect the display. This is a remarkably low-profile case that offers above-average protection.

OtterBox Defender Fitted Hard Shell Case

Few cases can endure the punishment and insane tolerance that OtterBox Defender cases can. These legendary ruggedized cases guard your phone against damage from inevitable drops and daily wear-and-tear with this Otterbox Defender case.
Three layers absorb impact and prevents scratches and scuffs. Port covers keep dirt out but still provide easy access to your headphone jack and charging port. The use of silicone covering, which wraps around the inner shell, provides a solid defense against sudden drops. This is a chunky case and it does add weight and bulk, but it is also one of the most resilient and technically engineered accessories out there.

Affinity Gelskin Fitted Soft Shell Case

This Affinity whisper-thin, form-fitted case offers robust protection without adding bulk to your device. Ultrathin, simple, and lightweight, the TPU skin provides you with a firmer grip of your smartphone. It’s not the sort of case that is designed to be rugged but it also isn’t bulky and doesn’t add much weight.
The Affinity Gelskin Fitted Soft Shell Case will spare your device from scratches and dents, it will also provide access to various buttons and ports as well as improve the grip substantially.

DreamWireless High-End Skin Case

With quirky and fun designs, the DreamWireless High-End Skin case provides your wireless device the maximum protection against scratches and scuffs enabling you to keep your wireless device in new condition and well preserving its looks and features.
Made with grade A silica gel this case is not only durable long lasting but also equips the wireless device with a soft and comfortable surface.
All the openings for the dock connector charger side buttons speaker microphone and camera were precisely cut to allow full access to all the wireless device functions.
 User-friendly and  easy to install, this case provides a fun and functional alternative that kids will love.

Insten hard Dual layer TPU Case


This dual layer case has a hard outer layer as well as a soft interior rubber case that provides shock absorption and protection from drops and falls.

This case is like armour and has bricklike bumpers on the corners which help add support during falls.

This case has an attractive external finish, it looks like metal on glass. there are rubber ridges and striations that improve grip so smartphones are easier to hold and harder to accidentally slip away.

Insten has added cutouts for speakers, headphone jacks as well as for the power button for ease of access.

Case-Mate Naked Tough Waterfall iPhone 7 Fitted Hard Shell Case

Merging protection with a bit of playfulness is Case-Mate’s Waterfall Case.
Enjoy a cascading waterfall of glitter and sparkle on your Case-Mate iPhone 7 waterfall case.
Designed to protect your iPhone from bumps and scrapes, this fitted soft-shell case features enhanced dual-layer protection. Champagne metallic button accents contribute to an aura of intrigue.

OtterBox Commuter Fitted Case

Tough, resilient and proven to take a beating OtterBox cases are designed for people on the move. You don’t have to worry about your phone with this robust case from the Commuter series.

This two-layer protector helps guard against bumps and bruises of regular use, and the screen protector keeps your screen as flawless as the day you bought your phone. Featuring two-layer custom iPhone 6/6s case provides tough yet sleek protection that’s engineered for specific smartphones.

OtterBox ensures that ports and buttons are easily accessible and well protected.


These are just some of the notable smartphone cases that will work well for kids.


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