Fossil Handbags, You Can’t Just Have One

My favorite time of year is fall because I love fall fashion and trends. I’m doubly excited for Fossil’s new fall handbags and Best Buy Canada sent a few my way to review.

How to combine your tech and style

Tech trends may ebb and flow with burgeoning technologies, but style is eternal–and seasonally-linked. Thankfully, the two pair beautifully together.

New Fall Luggage from American Tourister: Keeping it bright

Nobody ever said that luggage had to be dull and drab, and American Tourister agrees.

Some awesome alternatives to Herschel backpacks

If you love the look of Herschel backpacks but want something a little less common, look no further than these sporty, functional alternatives.

Bright backpacks that help you stand out

Not everyone likes to stand out in a crowd, but if you like to make a statement wherever you go, then these bright and bold backpacks are for you. Whether you are going back to school, heading out on a travel adventure, or just want something fun for commuting to and from work, these options are sure to keep you from blending in.

Backpacks built for your active lifestyle

Just because a backpack is stylish doesn't mean it's only made for urban life.

10 backpacks that impress

The Best Buy backpack selection is huge, and sometimes, that level of choice can be a little daunting. Here are 10 of the most stylish and functional of the bunch to help you get started sorting through all of them.

The Most Stereotypical Gifts to buy your dad on Father’s Day

 When you think of the typical Father’s Day gift, it’s usually a gaudy and loud tie that comes to mind, and is the punchline to every comedian’s joke. However, if you’re having trouble finding dear ‘ol dad the perfect present for Father’s Day, you don’t have to stray into that clichéd territory, because there are plenty of other simple ideas for things your father will love this year. So, read on for my recommendations for the most stereotypical gifts to buy your dad on Father’s Day.

15 gifts for Moms with way more style than you

Moms, as a category, are super tough to buy for. And it’s not even that they’re hard to buy for as people! No, the problem is that when they’re your mom, nothing is quite good enough.

Bet you didn’t know Best Buy sells diamonds

I’ve been thinking about starting a petition to get Best Buy to change its company line. What do you guys think of Best Buy: Come for the computers, stay for the sparkly, sparkly stones? Like with Best Buy’s handbag selection, I find that a lot of people aren’t aware the Best Buy carries diamonds. It’s a shame, because Best Buy has a large selection of them—and not just diamonds, either!  

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