7 Best Backpacks for Women

Back to school is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to pick up a new backpack for both work and play. However, not all backpacks are created equal, which is especially true if you are a woman. As women, we tend to have different needs than men when it comes to backpacks, so to help you in your search, I’ve identified seven great options for you to consider.

Bright backpacks that help you stand out

Not everyone likes to stand out in a crowd, but if you like to make a statement wherever you go, then these bright and bold backpacks are for you. Whether you are going back to school, heading out on a travel adventure, or just want something fun for commuting to and from work, these options are sure to keep you from blending in.

Send your teen back to school with the right backpack

Sending your teen back to school this September with the right backpack means they'll have all the space, pockets and compartments they'll need.

5 stylish student backpacks

Another school year is almost upon us and a backpack is an essential back-to-school item. We have tons of backpacks to choose from that will hold all you need to be successful this year!

Best backpacks for school

Back to school shopping is in full swing and one of the most important purchases of the year is a backpack. It's important to find the right style to meet your needs and there are so many to choose from. Read on to see some of the top selling backpacks of the year, you'll be sure to find one to meet your needs for the upcoming school year.

What should a student look for in a backpack?

Here are some key things to look for when choosing the perfect backpack for back to school!

What’s new at Best Buy: great selection of Burton Bags for...

I have had my backpack for long enough that I can’t actually remember the backpack that came before it. This one has seen me through summer vacations, weekend getaways, and—most importantly—through trips to my hometown’s biggest dog park. (It’s so big that the North Saskatchewan River runs through it, and in the summer the river is full of puppies.)  My bag is a Burton bag.

New Jansport backpack collection arriving for Spring 2017

A good backpack should serve multiple functions and be stylish too, which just happens to be the case with Jansport’s new spring collection.

Backpacks built for urban adventures

Not all adventuring happens in the wilderness, and not all adventure bags need to blend in with the trees. Here are a few great backpacks that'll blend in with the crowd during your next urban adventure.

Enter for a chance to win one of 10 backpacks from...

Protect the tech your child brings to school this year with one of the ten backpacks Best Buy is giving away in this contest.

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