Whether you’re hitting the slopes or backpacking through Europe, you shouldn’t have to choose between fashion and function when it comes to your bag. Helly Hansen bags, now available at Best Buy, bridge that gap with ease.

The Helly Hansen accessory collection features sturdy, functional bags in bright colours. With their thick straps and cute prints, Helly Hansen bags are a stylish alternative to your standard “function first” sport bag.

Splash-proof Helly Hansen bags for the gym

A duffle bag is a great bag/luggage intermediary, carrying you through gym visits to overnight trips. Helly Hansen makes a number of 30L and 50L duffle bags, and I was able to check out a number of the 30L bags for this review.

The thing that makes duffel bags great is the same thing, funnily enough, that makes them terrible: their length. Having an opening that runs through the bag length-wise instead of top-down lets you see and access more of your bag at once, so you can grab what you need without unpacking entirely.

That same length, however, can make duffel bags tough to carry for those with a smaller frame. A 30L bag, like the Helly Hansen 30L Waterproof Duffle Bag in Pink/Grey (which I LOVE) or Neon Yellow looks enormous on a 5’2″ frame like mine, and can be tough to walk around with. I always feel like duffel bags are bowling me over with each step!

These matching bags feature the classic, cylindrical duffel bag design, and they look great next to each other. (They’re perfect for couples’ gym visits or weekend trips!) The water-resistant nylon makes them gym- and rain-friendly. In other words? You never have to worry that a light drizzle is going to soak your clothes.

I also really appreciate that the bag comes with secure top-carry straps, and offers the option of removable, padded shoulder straps. (These bags can be carried by the top handles, side handles, a cross-body strap, and as a backpack!) A few internal and external pockets help organize your smaller items, like your wallet, keys, or gym lock. Meanwhile, the cavernous main pocket provides you with lots of space for your workout gear and shoes.

Duffel bags are usually offered in a boring monochrome, so I really love that these are an option on the market. The basic “HELLY HANSEN” label is unobtrusive, and the colour-coordinating straps are attractive and handy. The design of these duffel bags even covers the little details, like a double zipper and segmented strapping.

The perfect Helly Hansen bags for a weekend getaway

Helly Hansen also offers a Perfect Weekend Getaway Duffle Bag for those who want a more traditional style. This squared-off, navy blue bag is made of the same durable, water-resistant nylon as the two above, but has a more unassuming overall style.

The Perfect Weekend Helly Hansen bag features permanent shoulder and top carry straps. Its bottom corners are reinforced, and the bag features external zippered pockets. (I like to keep my keys, locks, and hair ties in my outer pockets.)

The Perfect Weekend bag doesn’t offer a backpack-carry strap option, but Helly Hansen has you covered there, too. The line offers an attractive 33L Dublin Backpack as well. It features two spacious pockets, two mesh external pockets, and a compression cord for any extra gear. It would make a great bag for a day hike, but I bet it would be excellent as a city bag, too.

The mesh pockets are perfect for carrying coffee or tea, and the elastic strap is great for adding a light jacket when your bag is full. The main interior pocket holds a laptop or tablet securely behind a lined laptop sleeve.

Convertible tote bags for the city

As great as the Helly Hansen duffel bags are, what really caught my eye were the Helly Hansen tote bags. They’re the perfect mix between sport style and street style, and they’re perfectly sized for a day on the town.

I try my best not to use too many plastic bags when I’m out and about, so I usually carry a tote bags on the weekend. They’re great for picking up small items, and they always fit an extra hat or sweater. For a small trip to the farmer’s market, they give you just enough room. You can slip a little bit of produce in your bag, and still comfortably carry your wallet and water bottle.

I’m told that the blue Helly Hansen Tote Bag converts from a shoulder tote to a backpack, but the “how” is beyond me. What I can tell you is that it features both shoulder straps and short handles. So, if your shoulder gets tired while you’re carrying it, you can switch to a hand-carry. (No need to worry about dragging your bag on the ground.) I am forever having to grab my tote handles in a little bundle to keep my bag from dragging, so I really appreciate that kind of attention to detail!

Get your sea legs with Helly Hansen bags

The baby blue, marine print Helly Hansen Lightweight Tote Bag doesn’t convert into a backpack, but the bag itself is nothing short of glorious. I was so sad to have to send this one back when I was done taking photos. It’s the cutest tote bag I’ve ever found! Its made from a durable but soft canvas, and I love the pencil-thin print.

The rope handle of the Lightweight Tote Bag is really lovely as well. It’s stylish and functional, with the loveliest marine vibe. The handle coils up comfortably to shorten the handle, and it’s soft and easy to hold. The bag itself looks so trendy, too–like, “hi, I’m too cool for this city, but I’m here anyways.”

The Helly Hansen line is new to Best Buy, and I’m really glad that it has arrived. It offers a great mix of duffle bags, convertible backpacks, and tote bags for the gym and city.

Check out Best Buy’s selection of backpacks and Helly Hansen bags this spring. 

Rae Chen
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