Acme Made Collection MainToday on the blog I’m taking a look at a variety of bags and sleeves that are multi-purpose and multi-functional. The bags from the ACME collection, come in a few varieties to suit personal style, and the sleeves also come in a variety of sizes and colours. The variety available will allow you to find the one that fits your wants and needs, whether it’s for school, work or travel.

The Acme Made North Point Venturer

Acme Made North Point VenturerThe first thing to note about the Acme Made North Point Venturer backpack is the size. The roll top design is not just stylish, it allows for extra space if needed and this is a great feature for travelling. The StretchShell material is flexible and both water and stain resistant. You’ll find a padded beverage holder on each side of the backpack and two pockets on the front of the bag. The main compartment has a zipper closure as well as the roll top which has unique hook closures. There is a long zipper on the back side of the bag that opens the laptop compartment. This compartment is padded and is large enough to hold up to a 16” laptop or other media device.

For comfort, you’ll love the padded back panel and shoulder straps and the TSA checkpoint-friendly design means this backpack is a great carry-on luggage option while travelling.

The Acme Made Divisadero Commuter

Acme Made Divisadero CommuterThis Acme Made Divisadero Commuter lightweight backpack is smaller in design than the Venturer but has a lot of extra pockets and compartments for smaller accessories such as pens, pencils, wallets and phones. The StretchShell fabric is durable and water and stain resistant. All of the pockets have a zipper closure and the front flap has the unique hook closures as well. You can access the 15.6” fully padded laptop compartment from the main compartment or through the zipper on the back side of the bag. The side zipper is really convenient and gives you quick access to your laptop as you don’t have to open the front main compartment to reach it.

The back panel of the backpack is nicely padded to ensure comfort for everyday use and there’s even a small padded pocket on the bottom for items that may need some protection. The straps are padded, and the bag is TSA checkpoint friendly.

The Acme Made Union Street Commuter

Acme Made Union Street CommuterIf you’re looking for a smaller sized everyday backpack that is both functional and stylish, this is the bag for you. The black, water and stain resistant StretchShell fabric of the Acme Made Union Street Commuter is sleek and trendy looking. On the front of the bag is a small zippered pocket that’s hidden in the design of the bag. The front pocket is quite large and has multiple accessory pockets inside. In the larger main compartment, you’ll find the padded laptop sleeve that fits up to a 15” laptop as well as a designated tablet sleeve and extra space for any other belongings.

The Acme Made North Point Attaché

Acme Made North Point AttacheThis Acme Made North Point Attache is the perfect size. It’s not bulky which I find some attache’s can look, and I love that you can carry it by the short handles or attach the shoulder strap to carry it crossbody or shoulder style. The pop of orange colour gives it a modern and trendy vibe and the water and stain resistant StretchShell construction is great for all season use. I’ve personally never seen a bag with security straps for bar stools and chairs, but I think it’s genius. I guess if someone’s looking to steal your bag, they’re going to have to take you and the chair with them.

The padded compartment fits up to a 15” laptop and there’s also a fleece lined pocket that is great for a tablet or any other smaller devices. On top of the two media pockets, there is extra room for any other necessities you may require during your day. On the front of the bag there is a smaller pocket with magnetic closure and a hidden zipper pocket behind it as well.

The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve

Acme Made Skinny SleeveThe Skinny Sleeve is a StretchShell Neoprene sleeve designed for laptops in a variety of sizes, but I also think it would work well for other media devices such as tablets or draw pads. They have a unique stretch-stitch seam and are available in many colour options. The sleeve is water resistant on the outside, but care is needed to keep liquids away from the sleeve opening. Some of the sleeves offer a small pocket for a pencil or stylus and they all have a thick elastic band that ensures your laptop or device stays securely in the sleeve.

Final Thoughts on the Acme Collection

Acme Made Collection BacksThe fabrics and colour palette of the Acme Made collection are neutral, and the front hook closures on the Venturer and Divisadero are unique and stylish. The fabrics are also durable and flexible and are water and stain resistant. The pop of orange colour on the Venturer and Attache makes the bags pop and this is a great feature to have while travelling. The padding and fabric in the laptop compartments feel durable and strong and many of the extra pockets in the backpacks have a soft fleece lining which are perfect for smaller devices such as cell phones. I love that they’ve included many smaller and hidden style pockets, these are great for personal items that may be valuable or very important such as ID and passports.

An added bonus in the bags is that each of them comes with a small mesh zipper bag that could be used for personal items or as a pencil case.

If you already have a bag that you use daily but are looking for a safe and secure sleeve for your laptop, the Skinny Sleeves are perfect. The stretch seam allows room for a variety of laptops which is great, and the design of the elastic band is stylish and functional. I love that they are available in a variety of colours as it’s a way of adding a personal touch to your everyday style.

You can find all of the Acme Made Collection at Best Buy Canada.


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