Thinkware premium dash cams offer a whole host of incredible features

Do you have a Thinkware premium dash cam in your vehicle? Thinkware’s premium dash cams boast the latest in video technology, making it possible to capture high quality footage every time you operate your vehicle. You’ll record key information in the event of an accident, like the make and model of any vehicle that hits you, and potentially even details like its license plate number. 

Thinkware’s U1000 and Q800PRO dash cams both utilize Sony’s high performance STARVIS image sensor, as well as Thinkware’s proprietary Super Night Vision technology. This allows them to capture key details even in low-light conditions, such as at night, on dark rainy days, or in dimly lit parkades.

Key specs of these cameras include 4K footage at 30fps for the U1000, with an 8.42MP image sensor and the option to adjust its resolution to 2K at 60fps for even smoother footage. The Q800PRO, alternatively, offers a 5.14MP image sensor with 2K resolution at 30fps. Both cameras may be found at Best Buy as either standalone front-facing models or as front/rear bundles.

Road Safety Warnings with built-in GPS

Thinkware’s premium dash cams come with a built-in GPS antenna that offers many useful benefits. For instance, both the U1000 and Q800PRO models provide an additional layer of protection via road safety warnings and safety camera alerts that may be enabled while driving. These will notify you verbally in the event that you drift out of your lane or if it detects a potential forward collision with the vehicle in front.

You can also be alerted of speed and red light cameras ahead, which will help you to avoid hefty fines. By pairing the Thinkware Cloud mobile app with your dash cam, you may download a regularly updated database of safety camera locations.

Road safety warnings can prevent accidents and keep both you and your family safe. These warnings are individually customizable, meaning you may choose the combination of alerts that best matches your own driving needs.

Smart phone compatible

Thinkware’s premium dash cams are also smart phone compatible. This means that you can quickly adjust settings or share special moments from the road with friends and family simply by downloading the footage directly to your compatible iOS or Android based smart device. This is achieved using the dedicated Thinkware Cloud mobile app and a Wi-Fi connection. 

As both cameras are Wi-Fi compatible, this handy feature works in either case. However, the U1000 does take things one step further by offering users the choice of either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi band for faster video downloads of its larger, 4K files. By choosing the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, an entire 4K clip can be downloaded to your phone in under one minute. This is faster than downloading a 1080P file on the standard 2.4 GHz bandwidth.

Optional parking surveillance mode

Both the U1000 and the Q800PRO feature an optional parking surveillance mode that helps to monitor your vehicle when it’s parked and unattended, thus allowing you to capture potential events like attempted thefts and hit-and-runs.

This feature, which requires the professional installation of a special hardwiring cable (sold separately for the standalone camera options), is triggered automatically by an impact/motion sensor that allows it to record a 20 second video clip of both 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the activating incident. The footage is then stored in a dedicated parking folder on the camera’s microSD card, making for easy retrieval if needed for an insurance claim or some other purpose.

There’s also a time lapse or energy saving mode for vehicle owners that park in busy areas where the sensor may frequently be triggered. Both of these modes draw power from the vehicle’s battery to remain operational even when the vehicle is turned off. However, a built-in voltage meter helps to prevent battery drainage, so there’s never any fear of finding your vehicle with a dead battery.

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