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Every year, millions of tonnes of old PCs and laptops end up in landfills as e-waste. With time, computers slow down and many computers (including those running Windows 7) stop receiving security updates. This makes them a huge security risk. 

StartMeStick is the solution to these problems. This tiny USB stick is the ultimate slow computer fix. It runs a slim and fast operating system, bypassing the Windows or Mac computer’s own operating system. Instead, your computer runs on a modern, high-speed, ultra-secure OS. It automatically connects to the internet without worries about malware or privacy. When running on the StartMeStick, you speed up your old PC and no longer have issues with it slowing down or becoming infected with malware.

StartMeStick is a USB stick that can be carried on a keychain, and you can use it with as many Windows PCs and Mac computers as you’d like.

Plug and play system on a USB stick

With StartMeStick, you can breathe new life into an old computer. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old laptop, an old desktop, or whether it’s a Windows PC, or a Mac. Simply plug in the StartMeStick and with a few easy steps, your computer gains new life. It’s fast, secure, private, and easy to use.

The StartMeStick’s OS is a Linux-based operating system optimized for ease of use, speed, privacy and security. Linux is fast and secure at its core, which is why this OS powers so many of the world’s mission-critical servers. With StartMeStick, your computer bypasses its own operating system with its potential issues and infections, booting the StartMeStick’s operating system instead. Your computer will never slow down, and it won’t become infected with malware.

The USB stick is small enough to clip on a keychain. The StartMeStick uses COB (Chip on Board) technology, so it is also waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. It’s not locked to a single PC, so you can use it on as many computers as you’d like.

Automatically connects to the internet

With StartMeStick, your obsolete or dead computer becomes a ticket to the web. Plug in the USB stick and it automatically connects to the internet. Everything you’d want to do online, you can access using StartMeStick. This includes: checking your social media feeds, sending email, watching streaming video, listening to music, playing online games, accessing online productivity and business apps, and even participating in Zoom video conferences.

It’s safe, secure, fast, and doesn’t collect personal data. You can share your StartMeStick, or even lose your StartMeStick, as it doesn’t track or save your personal data.

StartMeStick literally gives your PC a new lease on life. It’s a great solution for Windows PCs or for Mac computers that are simply too slow or too hard to be disinfected or fixed. Instead of buying a new computer, save money with a StartMeStick for laptop or desktop computers.

Turns your old computer into a fast, safe, secure one

StartMeStick is the ultimate old computer fix. With the StartMeStick, you don’t have to replace your computer when slowdowns become frustrating. You can also keep using your PC despite the Windows 7 end of life issue. Windows 7 PCs stopped receiving security updates in January, making them a huge target for malware if used online. With the StartMeStick, the old PC becomes not just faster, it also connects to the internet safely and securely. 

This PC stick is ideal for turning what would have been e-waste dumped in a landfill into affordable desktop computers, and low-cost laptops. All that’s needed to enjoy the benefits of a StartMeStick is a Windows PC made after 2001 or an Apple Mac made between 2006 and 2017, a free USB port, 1GB of RAM, and an internet connection. 

Turn that old computer that was destined for the junk heap into an extra PC that’s fast, secure, and perfect for all your online activities.

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  1. I need this for my old HP!!! I’m lucky if I can get it to boot up but I just can’t buy a whole new computer right now. What a great alternative.

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