Introducing the Seagate One Touch portable SSD

The new Seagate One Touch portable SSD solves all of your data storage, backup, and synchronization challenges.

The One Touch features an extreme, high-speed data transfer rate. At up to 1030MB/s, it rivals the performance of NVMe, with huge multimedia files copying in seconds. With simple plug-and-play USB-C for Mac and Windows computers (plus USB Type-A compatibility), this ultra-compact portable drive ensures your data will always be handy, no matter where you are. Use the included Sync Plus software for automatic data backups. Capacity of up to 2TB offers the space to store all your movies, photos and libraries in one place.

You can even transfer photos and videos from your Android device, using the Seagate Backup app. Ensure you have copies of your treasured memories, while freeing up valuable space on your Android smartphone or tablet. 

Amazing read/write speeds for big file transfers or working directly from the drive

Few things are more frustrating than waiting for a big file to copy. You won’t ever experience that frustration with the Seagate One Touch portable SSD. 

This slim drive is capable of 1030MB/s data transfer speeds. That’s nearly double the speed of SATA III SSDs, and hits read/write speeds that are comparable to NVMe. It’s the kind of speed that takes full advantage of your device’s high-speed USB 3 and USB-C ports.

With the Seagate One Touch portable SSD’s extreme speed, you can drag and drop gigabyte-sized files in a flash. This portable SSD is so fast that you can use it as an extension to your computer’s own storage, seamlessly working from the One Touch directly.

Premium, ultra-portable design with capacity up to 2TB

The Seagate One Touch portable SSD is travel-sized, and easy to slip into a pocket or throw in a bag. It’s built to be robust, and designed to complement your active lifestyle. It also features an eye-catching, premium design, with an aluminum top, woven fabric sides, and a choice of colours. You can carry this ultra-compact SSD anywhere (like a flash drive), and use it to work or back up your data wherever you happen to be.

It may be tiny, but the One Touch portable SSD offers an impressive capacity of up to 2TB. That’s enough to store all your photos, movies, work files, and games. Everywhere you go, you can bring all the data you need, including a complete multimedia library. 

The massive capacity also makes the One Touch portable SSD an ideal choice for data backup, using the included Sync Plus software. Plus, you’re covered with Seagate’s exclusive 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Services.

Out-of-the-box compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Android

The Seagate One Touch portable SSD is pre-formatted as an exFAT drive. This ensures out-of-the-box compatibility with Windows PCs and macOS computers. It offers the ultimate in USB-C plug-and-play simplicity (with USB-C to USB Type-A support) so you can always keep your files synchronized between devices.

Android device owners will love the new Seagate Backup app. It lets you effortlessly transfer photos and videos to the One Touch SSD. This provides a convenient, economical, and always-available backup of your most valuable data. It also frees up space on your Android device. 

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