SANUS has mount solutions for TVs for style, performance and safety

Flat screen TVs are only getting slimmer. They’re made to be wall mounted, and while in the past wall mounting was complicated and cumbersome, today wall mounting is easy and creates a better more streamlined look that fits into any home or space.

SANUS wall mounts can extend, tilt, and swivel, making it easy to find the best viewing angle and reduce any glare from lights or windows. Wall mounting frees up valuable space on your furniture, and may even mean you can remove cumbersome pieces to create more room in your home.

There’s also safety to think about. As TVs are getting thinner, they’re also getting lighter, making them easier to topple. Having your flat panel TV secured to a wall mount is the safe option, particularly when you’ve got children and pets in the home.

Get to know the SANUS difference

How can you be sure your TV will hold securely to a wall mount? At SANUS, safety is the number one priority, and that’s why all TV wall mounts are safety-tested and UL Certified. With a SANUS wall mount you can be sure your wall mounted TV, sound bar, or speakers will be secure and stay in place no matter what.

SANUS TV mounts are easy to install, requiring just a few tools you likely already have on hand. If you do need support, a US-based customer care team is available seven days a week to answer any questions and guide you through a successful install.

Swiveling TV Base to get the most out of your TV and soundbar

Have you just invested in a sleek Sonos PLAYBASE for your home theatre? SANUS has just the mount to pair with this new technology.

The new Swiveling TV Base gives the look and function of a wall-mounted TV, with the flexibility of pairing perfectly with your new Sonos component. With the Swiveling TV Base, your screen looks like it’s hovering above your Sonos SOUNDBASE, sound bar, or other AV components. You’ll get all kinds of viewing angles, plus better TV stability and safety, plus the base allows you to adjust your TV height to accommodate your own unique TV and speaker set-up.

The Swiveling TV Base provides up to 8 inches of height adjustability which creates space to fit a Sonos PLAYBASE or PLAYBAR below your TV, but it also makes your TV safer by increasing overall stability and reducing the chance of a tip-over. The unit sets up in 20 minutes using three simple steps and the integrated cable management even helps conceal ugly power and HDMI cables.


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