To make the most of your flatscreen TV, you need a wall mount that offers easy installation, unrivalled adjustability, and integrated cable management. Look no further than the SANUS BLF228 Full-Motion+ mount.

This impressive TV mount features smooth movement with six-arm articulation. You can easily adjust, tilt and swivel, and even extend the TV for perfect viewing, without the need for tools. Cables remain out of sight, and included wall plate finishing covers complete the look of professional installation.

SANUS TV mounts don’t just hang your TV in style, they’re designed with safety as the priority. The SANUS BLF228 Full-Motion+ mount supports flatscreen TVs ranging in size from 42-inches to 90-inches, and weighing up to 150 pounds (68kg). It has been rigorously tested for weight capacity and angle hanging, meeting Underwriters Laboratories’ safety standards.



The best way to view your new flatscreen TV is from front and centre. However, there are many times when you won’t be watching from that prime viewing location. The SANUS BLF228 Full-Motion+ mount ensures you always have the best view in the room, no matter where you are in the room.

This mount secures your TV flat to the wall, so it doesn’t require a cabinet or stand that takes up valuable floor space. To ensure you always get the optimal view, the SANUS BLF228 Full-Motion+ is capable of extending 28-inches (71 cm). The TV can swivel 90-degrees left or right, and supports 20-degrees of tilt.

The SANUS mount’s smooth, six-arm articulation means you can move from the couch to the treadmill while always enjoying an optimal view of your flatscreen TV. You can make adjustments as needed without the need for tools. 



Once your flatscreen TV is hung on the wall with the SANUS BLF 228 Full-Motion+ mount, you can put away the tools. 

Moving to a different area of the room? Opening a window or turning on a light that’s causing reflections or glare on your TV screen? With the SANUS BLF228 Full-Motion+ mount, you can easily adjust the tilt and viewing angle to eliminate the issue without the need for tools.



Wall mounting your TV eliminates the need for stands and cabinets, saving floor space and making your room look clean, uncluttered and modern. However, cables left dangling beneath the TV will ruin that professional look, and turn minimalist to messy. Besides just plain looking amateurish and unattractive, loose cables hanging from a wall mounted TV can be safety hazard, especially when children are involved.

The SANUS BLF228 Full-Motion+ mount features built-in cable management, combined with wall plate finishing covers. Cables are concealed and your installation will look as though it’s been done by a professional.

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