Music to your ears

The Galaxy Buds Live are equal parts style and sound, where a sleek ergonomic fit meets warm sonic delivery. These earbuds are designed to be stable in your ears without feeling any pressure. Yet, their small size still packs in a trove of features that make them effective wherever you put them on. Listen to the powerful bass and sound depth coming out of the 12Pi speakers. Use the three built-in mics to tune out the background with active noise cancellation and immerse yourself in your favourite content.

The mics go to work in the background for every phone call, detecting your voice and enhancing it for extra clarity. Samsung’s smart assistant, Bixby, is now integrated into the Galaxy Buds Live, so you can do more with voice control. Choose from three different colours to suit your taste and change the way you experience sound.

Stylishly iconic

The Galaxy Buds Live are bold in many ways, and it starts with how they look. The new minimalist design is made to fit your ears like a glove, covering your ears without feeling an invasive squeeze. Put these on and just forget they’re even there.

Feel comfortable knowing that you’ve plugged your ears without losing out on the sounds you actually want to hear. Let people think you’re in your own world when listening to a catchy tune or engaging podcast.

A glossy outer veneer shines and complements the inner finish, completing a slick combination that works, no matter what colour you’re showing off. Whether it’s Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black or Mystic White, you will be rocking something unique each time you press play.

Sounding rich

With powerful speakers onboard, filling your ears with resonant sound goes with the territory. The unique design will have the effect of covering your ear canal without feeling like cramming something into it.

When the fit feels natural, it only stands to reason the sound should follow. The Galaxy Buds Live give you custom options to tune sound more to your liking through the dedicated app on Android and iOS. Switch between different equalizer presets to bump up the bass, or tread heavier on the treble.

Put the earbuds to work by talking to Bixby or Google Assistant and getting the information you need on-demand. Hear callers come through clearly, while they hear you with the same clarity, making every conversation feel like it’s closer to home.

Cancel it out

With the Galaxy Buds Live, you can leave the noise behind. Equipped with active noise cancellation, block out background sounds to focus on the content you care about. Toggle it on or off on a whim, or hear it come into effect once you make or take a call.

Active noise cancellation uses the three built-in mics to drown out sounds from the outside, while enhancing your voice to make you more audible. Listen to music with it turned on, and you get the benefit of not having to raise volume as high to feel the lyrics and melodies.

The control is at your fingertips. You choose when you want to retreat into your own space and drown out everything else around you. With the Galaxy Buds Live, you can focus on whatever task is at hand.

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