When you’re gaming, the need for speed extends well past your PC’s processor. Peripherals are just as important when you’re trying to manage response time, and when you need a gaming keyboard that can keep the pace, it’s time to bring home the Razer Huntsman V2.

The Razer Huntsman V2 is a lightning-fast optical gaming keyboard with near-zero input latency. It has an industry-leading 0.2ms response time, faster optical switches with up to true 8000Hz polling rate for lower input latency, and Doubleshot PBT keycaps to stand up to hours of use. For even better acoustics, the Razer Huntsman V2 has a layer of foam inside its casing to eliminate pings when you’re in the middle of an intense game.

Response time that’s second to none

A gaming keyboard takes a lot of heat in the middle of a game, and when you’re hitting the keys you want the response time to match up with the action on screen. The Razer Huntsman V2 optical gaming keyboard uses optical switches for lighting fast response time, clocking in at near-zero 0.2ms response time and up to true 8000Hz polling rate for lower input latency.

Not only is the Razer Huntsman V2 faster than traditional mechanical switches, it’s also lighter and more durable too. You can choose between two variants—Linear and Clicky, and there’s a multi-function digital dial and four media keys to let you pause, play, skip, and tweak your brightness, volume, and more.

Doubleshot PBT keys won’t fade or wear out

A gaming keyboard is all about performance, but when it takes center stage on your desk you want it to have a sense of style too. The Razer Huntsman V2 is designed with hard, durable Doubleshot PBT keycaps. The labels will never fade thanks to their doubleshot molding process, and they’ve got a textured, stand-out finish you’ll love.

Comfort is important when using your gaming keyboard, and the Razer Huntsman V2 has you covered with an ergonomic wrist rest. It gives support and aligns you with the keyboard to relieve excess pressure on your wrists, and that means less fatigue when you’re in front of the keyboard for extended gaming sessions.

Improved keyboard acoustics keep you in the game

When you’re in the middle of a game you don’t want to be distracted by outside noise, and nothing can be noisier than the sound of you bottoming out your keys. With the Razer Huntsman V2, you’ll get improved keyboard acoustics thanks to a layer of special foam inside the casing. It absorbs those pinging noises that can happen when you’re in the middle of a fast and furious gaming session.

The Razer Huntsman V2 is ultra-fast, incredibly quiet, and it gives you hybrid on-board memory and cloud storage to let you access your personalized settings anywhere. You can save up to 5 onboard memory profiles and build your own library of macros and settings to store in the cloud.

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