Shave better with the Panasonic 5 Blade Shaver

Is a close, comfortable shave every single time important to you? If you’re tired of shavers that leave hairs behind, cut or irritate your skin, and just do an all-around poor job, it’s time you discovered the new Panasonic 5 Blade Shaver. This premium electric shaver offers Panasonic’s exclusive 5-blade shaving system, which is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 

Advanced features like 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute ensure a smooth, thorough, and comfortable shave. Panasonic’s intelligent shaving technology also provides a multi-directional pivoting head, an active shaver sensor, and a waterproof design that’s perfect for either a wet or dry shave. And when it’s time to recharge, the ESLV97 has its own automatic charging and cleaning station. Simply place the shaver in its stand and hit the switch to activate automatic cleaning and charging. What could be easier?

Featuring Panasonic’s unique 5 blade shaving system 

The Panasonic 5 Blade Shaver features an exclusive 5 blade cutting system that always provides a smooth, close, and comfortable shave. It’s the most efficient shaver you’ve ever seen, capturing every single whisker and cutting it close to the skin for a soft and smooth result every single time. Panasonic’s 5 blade cutting system even gets the hairs that other shavers leave behind, like those short and flat-lying ones.   

And it doesn’t matter whether you prefer a wet shave or a dry one. The Panasonic 5 Blade is 100% suitable for wet/dry operation. Its waterproof design allows it to be used with your choice of shaving gels or foams, and it’s perfect for shaving in the shower. Its rechargeable battery means there’s no power cord to worry about, and you’ll enjoy multiple shaves from each battery charge.

Driven by a powerful engine 

The Panasonic 5 Blade Shaver is driven by a powerful engine featuring 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, which is nearly double that of the leading competitor. This guarantees users a quick, clean shave no matter how thick, coarse, or dense their beard may be. If you want the job done right the first time around, Panasonic’s Arc 5 design, with its slightly curved blades, is your can’t miss proposition. It’s a top of the line shaver with the speed, power, and precision to deliver an always close, always comfortable, and always satisfying shave. No other electric shaver on the market today even comes close!

With a 16 direction pivoting head 

One of the reasons the Panasonic 5 Blade is so effective when it comes to giving a truly close shave every single time is its flexible shaving head. This advanced design pivots independently in 16 different directions without you having to do anything other than glide it over your face.

The shaver effortlessly follows the unique, natural contours of your skin and face, conforming to its shape to reach every nook, crease, and crevice, thus ensuring that no whisker is missed and you’re left with the closest and cleanest shave possible. And because the Panasonic 5 Blade is so adept at following your skin’s natural contours, you’ll be left with no burns, no cuts, no irritation, and no whiskers.

And Panasonic’s Active Shaver Sensor technology

To ensure smooth, even results with every shave, the Panasonic 5 Blade also features Active Shaver Sensor technology—an advanced, intelligent shaver sensor that continually checks your beard’s density and adjusts the power accordingly so as to give you a personalized and perfect shave.

It checks your beard’s density at an incredible rate of 220 times per second, and it adjusts its power output 14 times per second as you shave. This ensures that you always receive a close shave that’s perfectly suited to the conditions of your unique face and beard. You’ll appreciate the comfort and effectiveness of a shave that’s custom tailored to you and your individual shaving needs. For your next shave, choose premium, choose Panasonic.

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