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LIFX Z Light Strip Overview

LIFX Z Light Strip Overview

Create, play, and brighten your home with LIFX Z Wi-Fi LED light strips 

Light up your kitchen with a cozy glow or set the tone for movie night by dimming the house lights with a few taps on your phone: LIFX Z Wi-Fi LED light strips brighten up your home with millions of colours and give you complete control over your lighting via your smartphone, tablet, or home assistant.

You can control a single LIFX Z Wi-Fi LED light strip or group several together to create unique lighting in your home, and everything you need comes in the kit so you won’t need a hub or extra hardware to get started. There are 8 colour zones per meter of light strip, and because you can control all zones of light, you can drag or drop individual colours right onto your light strip to create the perfect scene. You can even set up a schedule or use the music visualizer within the app to change up the lights in every area of your home.

With LIFX Z, there’s no extra hardware or hub required

LIFX Z Wi-Fi LED light strips are so versatile you can use them cast a rainbow of colours around a bedroom mirror, illuminate the wall behind your television, or add some pure white light under your kitchen cabinets. There are 3 meters of light strip included in each package, so you’ll be able to add custom-controlled light anywhere you’d like to.

But just because you can place LIFX Z light strips anywhere doesn’t mean they are difficult to set up.  There is no additional hub required because Wi-Fi is built right into the strip controller, and that means you can connect straight to your light strip to easily drag and drop your favourite colours onto all 8 colour zones.

Brighten up every corner of your home with LIFX Z

With a Wi-Fi light strip you aren’t limited to just flipping a switch and turning on a light somewhere in your home. LIFX Z Wi-Fi LED light strips give you complete control of your light via an app, and you can switch up from pure white light to colour whenever the mood strikes you.

There are 8 colour zones per meter of light strip, and each meter is capable of producing 700 lumens per meter extendable to 2800 lumens max brightness. You can access 16 million different colours and a brilliant range of whites from 2500K to 9000K, and LIFX Z only use 25 watts of power so they are energy efficient too. Plus, LIFX Z has a 25,000-hour lifespan, so if you use them for 3 hours per day, your light strips will last up to 22.8 years.

Use your voice to control your lights

With LIFX Z you get complete zone control for all of your light strips, so you can control each colour zone of the strip and change it up whenever you want to create different combinations of colour or brighten up an area with the perfect white light.

Everything you need to control your LIFX Z Wi-Fi LED light strips is right inside the kit, so getting creative with light is as easy as connecting to your LIFX Z light strip via the app on your phone or tablet. You can also control a single bulb or a group of LIFX Z using your favourite home assistant like the Google Assistant powering Google Home, and you’ll be able to set up a schedule, create a vivid lighting scene, or use the music visualizer to create unique lighting to suit any room.


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