The world is a loud, busy place, and with so many distractions from electronics, traffic, and outside noise, it can be hard to turn off and relax when you need to. That’s why having a white noise machine with you on your daily travels is so essential to your peace of mind: it helps you focus on the task at hand and, when it’s time to sleep, relaxes your mind and body.

With an ASTI LectroFan as your portable white noise machine companion, you’ll know you can relax and sleep well anywhere you go. It’s a solid state device that provides you with high quality fan sounds as well as white, pink, and brown noise to minimize daily distractions. Because it’s powered by AC or USB, it’s easy to take relaxing white noise with you to the office, while you travel, or just at home.

ASTI LectroFan helps you sleep well, wherever you are

Sleep is a vital part of life, and having a good night’s sleep can have a positive effect on both yourself and your family member’s health, mood, and mental clarity. Although you or your little ones may be tired and want to go to sleep, different environmental noises can disturb or wake you up in the night, and that disturbed sleep pattern can make everyone feel tired the next day.

With an ASTI LectroFan sleep sound machine, you can mask all of the outside noises and fall asleep easily. The white noise machine will play a combination of white noise, pink noise to balance out the frequency, and brown noise to add a lower tone. The result is a cozy cover of sound in your room that masks other noise like traffic, snoring, and household sounds that may keep you awake.

Enjoy a disturbance-free work place with ASTI LectroFan

When you work in a cubicle or busy office where there is a lot going on, it can be hard to focus on the tasks at hand. It’s also difficult to concentrate when it’s too quiet, because your brain picks up on every sound and can make it hard to maintain focus.

An ASTI LectroFan can generate sound to help you stay on track at work by masking other environmental sounds or adding a layer of white noise to extra quiet environments. Just turn it on and you’ll have a more relaxing work environment, and be able to give yourself a comforting veil of privacy for phone calls and other conversations.

Powered by USB or AC, LectroFan is the perfect fan sound machine

Not everyone sleeps at home every night, and if you’re traveling for work or you’re taking your little ones on a trip, it’s easy to take your ASTI LectroFan with you wherever you go.

With a compact, solid-state design, the ASTI LectroFan is powered by AC or USB. It’s easy to pack in a suitcase, put in a brief case, or take along in a diaper bag to ensure a relaxing environment when you’re away from home.

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