Meet the LG WM4500HBA Front Load Washer

The LG WM4500HBA front load washing machine has an ample 5.8 cubic foot capacity and loads of features designed to help optimize the wash quality and time. TurboWash 360 technology, for example, offers fast cycle titles so you can save up to 30 minutes per load. And there’s even a Sanitary cycle powered by LG’s TrueSteam technology that can help remove common household allergens and dust mites from clothing and bedding. You can also sanitize items like toys, fabrics, and other household items that are typically tough to clean.

Wi-Fi-enabled, you can use the SmartThinQ app to remotely start or stop a cycle, select the cycle type, monitor energy consumption, and receive notifications. The machine also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

The WM4500HBA is LG TwinWash compatible for washing two loads at once with the optional pedestal washer. And it’s perfectly complemented by the matching dryer.

Powerful Motor Ensures A Deep Clean

The powerful AI Direct Drive Motor (AIDD) consists of sophisticated sensors that detect the type of fabric as well as weight of a load and adjust the wash cycle accordingly and intelligently. It accomplishes this by comparing the details with the data that has been collected through LG’s rigorous testing for various wash motions.

The optimization provided by AIDD can help reduce fabric damage, thus prolonging the life of your clothing, bedding, and other fabrics.

The machine also features powerful high-pressure twin nozzles that result in favourable performance for all types of clothing and fabrics. Meanwhile, vibration and noise reduction minimize noise so you can run a wash at night without worrying that it will be loud and disturb others in the family.

AI Smart Pairing

As noted, the LG WM4500HBA front load washer is LG ThinQ AI-enabled, which not only allows it to be controlled remotely from the app and by voice commands, but also intelligently selects the optimal dry setting for the clothing when using it with the partner dryer.

Once you transfer a freshly clean load from the washing machine to the dryer, the washer will automatically select an appropriate drying cycle for the clothes based on its knowledge of the load. That data will be communicated to the dryer so the two home appliances work beautifully in sync to get clothes washed and dried quickly and optimally.

The Right Amount Of Detergent

Taking the guesswork out of how much detergent is needed per load, the LG WM4500HBA uses LG’s own ezDispense technology, which automatically determines and dispenses the perfect amount of detergent for a cycle based on the overall weight of the load. You might need more detergent, for example, for a large duvet cover and sheet set, but not so much for lots of lighter items like T-shirts, socks, and underwear.

This helps prevent you from using too much detergent when it isn’t necessary or conversely, not using enough when the load could benefit from a deeper clean. The overall result is the ability to maximize your wash performance.

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