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LG B8 TV Overview

LG B8 TV Overview


Our homes are becoming more technologically advanced than ever. At the centre of it all is the TV. No longer just for watching cable, TVs are our home entertainment, home theatre portals.

LG’s new, ultra slim and sleek B8 4K TV is designed to look amazing in your room, and blend in seamlessly. With barely any bezel or frame, your entire focus is on the video.

This new LG OLED TV also has Artificial Intelligence. Known as “AI ThinQ®,” it enhances your Smart TV experience by allowing you to use voice control. Speak into the LG Magic Remote to go well beyond basic functions.

Movies, sports and games take on a whole new dimension, and become much more immersive, thanks to near-perfect blacks and cinematic colour made possible by LG’s high quality, detailed OLED display technology. With the α7 (Alpha7) Intelligent Processor and self-illuminating pixels, you’ll get the truest-to-life images with hyper-accurate and detailed colour plus outstanding depth and sharpness. Plus, with high dynamic range formats including premium Dolby Vision™* and Advanced HDR by Technicolor®**, you’re ready to take advantage of all the newest and best technology.


LG’s ThinQ® AI uses intelligent voice control to create a smart TV platform where you can enjoy many features with just your voice. The LG Magic Remote makes it easy to go beyond basic control and search, to open, navigate select apps, and surf premium services, all just by asking in simple language.

The LG B8 4K OLED TV looks stunning in any room. With a beautifully slender bezel your entire focus is on the screen, not the surroundings, so you can enjoy the LG OLED screen from any side, without distraction from the breathtaking picture.


In order to view truly realistic video, you need an amazing contrast ratio, and with the deepest, richest black to dazzling bright whites, LG OLED TVs like the B8 have truly infinite contrast. How? Over 8.2 million individual lit pixels independently brighten, dim and power off completely, for a jaw-dropping range of tones and shades that make it seem like you’re immersed in the video environment, not just watching it on screen.

Say goodbye to blurry action scenes. The high frame rate is specially created to deliver clearer images with less motion blur, great for sports and other fast-action content. This LG OLED TV can display select content at both 4K HFR (120fps) and 4K HDR quality***.


Smart TVs are only as good as the brains inside them, and LG has spent considerable time and effort making sure this TV is one of the smartest and most reliable on the market.
LG’s α7 Intelligent Processor delivers an enhanced 4K HDR image for a truly cinematic experience.

The technology advancements don’t stop there. With support for the 3D soundscape that is the Dolby Atmos® experience, you can get truly big-screen surround sound in your living room. Dolby Atmos® creates a detailed sound experience that seems to come from everywhere—including overhead—for a wonderfully realistic, immersive experience.

Plus, with premium content choices, scene-by-scene optimization and a comprehensive high dynamic range lineup that now includes cinema-standard Dolby Vision™, Advanced HDR by Technicolor®, plus HDR10 and HLG, you know you’re not only getting the best of today’s technology, but you’ve got a TV that’s pretty well future-proof.

* Dolby, Dolby Atmos and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
** 4K content is required, accessible via USB input only.
*** Advanced HDR by Technicolor support via USB only. Dolby Vision is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories.


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