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LectroFan Kinder Showcase

LectroFan Kinder Showcase

Lulling a child to sleep at night can be challenging. When your baby or toddler’s bedtime routine involves much more than just turning on a night light and wishing them sweet dreams, LectroFan Kinder can help.

LectroFan Kinder is a sound machine for babies and toddlers, and it’s designed specifically to help your little one get a great night’s sleep. All you’ll have to do is plug it into any wall outlet in your child’s room, download the smartphone app, and you can fully customize gentle sounds that will soothe them to sleep every night.

A sound machine for babies that plugs right into the wall

When your child is a restless sleeper, everyone in the family is affected. When parents and children are suffering from sleep deprivation, the next day can be challenging. With LectroFan Kinder’s soothing sounds, your baby or toddler can enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep, and that means everyone in your home will sleep better.

LectroFan Kinder plays high fidelity lullabies and nature sounds. These sounds are non-looping, so they create a peaceful sleep environment and will mask any noise that might disturb your baby. From nature to city sounds, LectroFan Kinder offers the widest range of sounds in a sleep machine. In all, there are 75 tracks you can choose from to soothe your child.

A soothing night light and sleep sounds, all in one

Every parent will tell you that a night light is absolutely essential to creating a comfortable and safe sleep space for a child. Beyond the soothing sleep sounds it provides, LectroFan Kinder is also a comforting night light that can be customized to suit your child.

LectroFan Kinder is the only product on the market that’s both a sound machine for babies and a night light, all in one. You’ll be able to tuck your child in and enjoy a cozy glow in the dark, all while controlling the device from your smartphone.

Customize your LectroFan Kinder sounds and light, right on your smartphone

When you have LectroFan Kinder you won’t have to tip toe in and out of your child’s bedroom to turn on their favourite sleep sounds or night light. You can control all parts of the plug-in device from an app on your smartphone.

LectroFan Kinder works with a press of a button on the front of the machine. It works on both iPhone and Android, and you won’t need Wi-Fi or an Internet connection to use it. Just login to the app, choose from a variety of sound and light presets, and turn it on. Once you’ve decided on the perfect light and sound combination for your child, you can just turn it on and off by pressing the front panel.


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