Fujifilm is back again with a mirrorless digital camera that sports a retro look to bring in the old with the new. Portable enough to carry around on a trip or on the job, the throwback design is built around a powerful 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, high-resolution viewfinder and all-day battery life. Whether it’s creative photography or on-the-go video, the Fujifilm X-T100 is made for the task.

High-spec features make this an efficient entry-level mirrorless camera under the Fujifilm X Series line of products. An advanced hybrid autofocus system keeps pace with the most active subjects. Capture up to 6fps in the continuous-shooting mode or use the 4K Burst Shooting mode at 15 fps to make sure you freeze that moment in time. Use the swivelling touchscreen to shoot at almost any angle, framing your shot with ease. Available in three colour variations—Dark Silver, Black and Champagne Gold—there’s an X-T100 to match everyone’s sense of style.


No need to guess how to frame a shot or stare at the touchscreen to pack it all into the frame. Using the electronic viewfinder (EVF), you can shoot like a pro, composing your photographs in challenging situations where it’s too hard to deal with screen glare.

Get better body position when capturing a static scene or artistic portrait. Keep your eye on settings and make adjustments on the fly while taking your shots. The EVF is always there to go to work, turning off the touchscreen in the process to reduce glare even further.

Learning to shoot better? Try the SR+ mode to let the camera take care of the settings and focus as you shoot, helping you capture great shots without dealing with any manual controls. No matter how you choose to photograph your next subject, the EVF is there to help.


The 3-inch LCD touchscreen isn’t just there to tap, focus and shoot. It has a full swivel, letting you orient it in a variety of ways. Flip it horizontally and it will automatically turn on face and eye detect, allowing you to shoot selfies anytime you want to get yourself in a beautiful background.

Tilt it vertically when you need to shoot at a high or low angle, always giving you a clear view of what you’re shooting. Let your artistic and creative side come out by changing up the angles and directions you shoot in. Use the self-timer to take the shot while you keep the camera steady without having to touch the shutter or screen.

Touch to focus anywhere on the screen. Choose to see the settings for reference when snapping a photo. Navigate the X-T100 menu and select the modes, features and settings whenever you need them.


The Fujifilm X-T100 has an ‘always on’ Bluetooth low energy connection, letting it seamlessly connect with compatible smart devices. Automatically (even while shooting) or instantly transfer your images via the built-in connection to quickly upload and share them on social media. Perfect for events where you need to are continuously shooting.

The free Fujifilm Camera Remote app not only facilitates photo sharing, but also allow you to use your smartphone or tablet as remote. See what the camera sees, make adjustments and press the virtual shutter to snap your pics.

All-day battery life will get you 430 shots per charge, but moving over images will let you make edits on your favourite mobile editing apps before posting. Use Fujifilm’s unique film modes to give your photos an artistic edge, opening up more possibilities before sharing them with the world.

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