If you’re in charge of family meals, holiday gatherings, or just enjoy whipping up a batch of comfort food on a Sunday, you know how important it is to have a range that gives you fast, even results for everything you make and bake. It’s even better if that range offers you an easy way to make healthy and delicious food for the entire family with the latest trend in cooking: Air Fry.

Whether your range of choice is gas, electric, or induction, Frigidaire offers the only range on the market with the power to Air Fry. Air Fry helps you make everything from chicken wings, to french fries, to doughnuts, giving you that deep fried flavour with none of the guilt.

It’s easy to cook with Air Fry

How can Frigidaire Air Fry ranges cook your food to taste just like it’s deep-fried? The Frigidaire Gallery series with Air Fry utilizes technology similar to convection to cook your food so it’s crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside, and doesn’t need to be dipped in oil. It has more than 2x the heating power than a standard convection fan resulting in more direct, super-heated air for that crispy outer layer and tender inside.

To use Air Fry, simply select the Air Fry mode on the control panel and set your desired temperature. Once the oven is pre-heated, place your food on the middle rack for best results. Follow your recipe’s directions for cooking times, and within minutes you’ll be enjoying crunchy, delicious food.

Cook family favourites without the oil

When you have a Frigidaire range with Air Fry, for the first time you can air fry in a large capacity. They have the space to make family-sized healthy meals for gatherings, holidays, or parties. Because you can cook without the added fat or oil normally involved with deep frying, everything you serve will be healthier.

If you don’t use oil, will you lose that deep fried crunch? Not when you have Air Fry. Even vegetables are more delicious when cooked with Air Fry. All you’ll need is a spritz or a light coating of oil and your zucchini, bell peppers, squash, or broccoli will have a crispy, delicious crunch.

Upgrade your kitchen with Frigidaire Air Fry

While you’ll love air frying your favourite food, you’ll also love giving your kitchen an instant upgrade with a new Air Fry range. Whether you choose gas, electric, or induction, Frigidaire Air fry ranges have a modern, sleek look with front controls. They’ll give you that built-in look without the remodel, and will fit easily into your existing 30” cutout.

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