In the world of cordless vacuum cleaners, Dyson is in a league of its own. The newest addition to the Dyson lineup is the Dyson V11, a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with LCD screen, high torque cleaner head, 40% larger dust bin to collect every spec of dust, and long battery life for whole home cleaning.

Cleaning with the Dyson V11 won’t send your allergies into overdrive either. Because the Dyson V11 has a fully-sealed filtration system, it can pick up 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. Those particles are sent straight into the bin instead of your air, filtering out pollen and bacteria to leave the room’s air cleaner than before you started vacuuming.

LCD screen shows filter status in real time

You don’t ever have to wonder what’s happening under the cover of your Dyson V11. With an LCD screen displaying machine performance, you get a world of information right on the panel of your vacuum.

You’ll see how full your filters are in real time. If you have a blockage, you’ll be able to see where it is and how to clean it. The Dyson V11 LCD screen will also show you cleaning modes, and display whether you’re in Auto, Boost, or Eco mode so you can switch as needed. There’s a run-time countdown that shows you how much battery power is left in each mode too, and it counts down to the second so you know how long you’ll have left to clean.

Dyson V11 stick vacuum knows the right cleaning mode for every task

With the Dyson V11 cordless vacuum you can select from three intelligent cleaning modes. Choose from the Dyson V11’s Auto, Boost, and Eco mode and you’ll enjoy the right balance of power and run time every time you turn it on.

Auto mode will sense, adapt, and deep clean everything from carpets to hardwood floors. As it glides from surface to surface, it will intelligently adapt for the best possible suction power. Boost mode gives you twice the suction power of any cordless vacuum cleaner, and lets you give your floors an intensive cleaning when you have ground-in dirt. Eco mode will be your go-to when you want to clean for longer, and it allows you to run the battery for the maximum amount of time possible.

High torque cleaner head senses and adapts to your floors

Not all vacuum cleaner heads are created equal, and the High Torque Cleaner head on the Dyson V11 is the smartest on the market today. It offers powerful floor cleaning, with stiff bristles to remove ground-in dirt and soft, carbon fiber filaments to brush the fine dust off your floor.

When you put your Dyson V11 in Auto mode the cleaner head will continuously sense and adapt the suction of your cordless vacuum to different floor types. Dyson Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) technology intelligently controls the Dyson V11 digital motor position 360 times per second, and brush bar resistance will automatically change the motor speed as you cruise between hardwood floor or soft, plush carpets.

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  1. I desperately need this Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum. I have 2 dogs who shed to the max. Hair is everywhere and this machine would make my life so much easier with this beauty. This way it would give me more time to spend with my fur babies!! IG: @kellietoby ❤️❤️

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