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Click and Grow Smart Gardens Overview

Click and Grow Smart Gardens Overview


The innovative plant growing technology found in the Click and Grow Smart Gardens empower just about anyone to grow fresh foods locally, using less water and energy, and also reducing food waste and travel miles.

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 and 9 have full-spectrum LED grow lights that automatically measure the optimal level of water and light required for plants to grow. Plus, they make sure that plants have enough nutrients and oxygen thanks to the patented growth material called Smart Soil.

The results are plants containing up to 600% more vitamins, and that can grow 30% faster than plants grown using current agricultural methods.

The Click and Grow team tested more than 7,000 plants over the last 9 years, making these the fourth-generation products that have been adjusted to provide the best, most effective at-home gardening experience, with ultra-quiet operation.


With the Click and Grow Smart Gardens as a part of your smart home, you can get homegrown healthy foods that are completely free of pesticides, GMOs, fungicides, or hormones.

The levels of nitrates in herbs like basil and greens like lettuce is eight times less than what you’d find in store bought equivalents; and the level of sugar and lycopene are two times higher in tomatoes compared to store bought ones. With greens, the antioxidative activity is twice as high a concentration versus store bought.

Click and Grow offers a wide selection of plants, and an experimental kit, including an empty pod for housing seeds to get your garden going.


Gardening can be intimidating for those who feel they lack the skills, resources, and/or space to take on making their own foods. But the Click and Grow Smart Gardens help alleviate worries by allowing just about anyone (even a child!) to manage and grow your own garden, hassle-free.

Simply plug the unit in, and you’re ready to go. Seeds come inside the plant pod, so you can instantly get the growing process going to make your own foods and herbs for adding to your favourite recipes and salads.

You don’t even need to remember to water the plants, since they are self-watering; chekc the water level every 3rd week and the plants will get water as they need it. The Click and Grow system takes care of the plants automatically by making sure they constantly have the water and nutrients that they need.

Once you’ve completed a grow session, the tank and lid can both be popped into the dishwasher for cleaning before using them again.


The Click and Grow Smart Gardens make growing your own foods as easy as making coffee using pods—it’s the future of food!

The unique Smart Soil keeps the level of oxygen, water, pH, and nutritional ingredients at optimal levels for growing. The added benefit is that you also use less water; consumption can be reduced by as much as 95% compared to traditional agricultural methods. So you can inspire the conservation of nature while also encouraging yourself to eat clean and healthy foods, that you make in your own home.

There are no sensors, mixers, pumps, or fertilizers needed thanks to the innovative Smart Soil technology, which allows for your very own self-sustaining indoor garden.


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