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Casio Musical Instruments Overview

Casio Musical Instruments Overview


Are you a music lover? If you enjoy sharing the joy of musical expression with others, you may wish to do so on a Casio electronic keyboard. Casio began producing electronic musical instruments all the way back in 1980, thereby enabling players the world over to share the sweetness of their music.

With a wide range of instruments designed for everyone from the novice to the savant, Casio supports the philosophy that anyone should be able to make and enjoy their own music. No matter your budget or skill level, Casio’s broad range of keyboards and digital pianos are designed to ensure your continual improvement and bring forth your best possible performance.

With great features, amazing sound, unlimited portability, and no need to ever be tuned, Casio’s excellent selection of electronic keyboards can take you from beginner to pro, from pro to master, or from master to musical genius. From which point will you begin your musical journey?


If you’re a keyboarding novice, at the beginning of your musical adventure, you need a keyboard that’s perfect for folks just starting out. Luckily for you, Casio has a number of fine entry level models for you to choose from.

Their 61-key electric models, for example, provide an intuitive step-up lesson system that helps you learn to play as you go, which is perfect for those with limited or no experience.

Similarly, the Casio LK-190 helps beginners by incorporating lit keys that guide your fingers to where they need to go. No matter how limited your previous musical experience, you’ll have no difficulty following along until you get the keying down pat.

And finally, Casio’s CTK-2550 lets you download virtually any MIDI song to the keyboard so it can help you learn to play it. If you have a favourite song that you’d like to learn to play, this is the perfect way to accomplish that goal.




Another great advantage of Casio’s electronic keyboards is their ability to help you expand your own personal musical range.

For instance, perhaps you’re already comfortable with basic keyboard fingering, but now you wish to expand your repertoire in new and exciting ways. Well, Casio offers several keyboard models that go well beyond the basics of their beginner’s models to provide you with a broader feature set that will greatly enhance your playing.

Such features include touch response keyboards (with a feel similar to that of a piano), the possibility of computer connectivity, and a broad range of tones and rhythms that give you the feeling that you’re playing with a full on band. The purpose of these models is to help you continue to improve your skills and sound better than you ever have.

Any of these keyboards (such as the CTK-3500, the CTK-6200, the LK-280, and the WK-6600) would make an awesome (and intelligent) addition to your musical arsenal.


For a more piano-like sound, your best bet is the Casio PX-160CS 88-key digital piano. Lightweight and powerful, this 88-note Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard possesses amazing sound quality, and it even offers a fun duet mode whereby you can split the keyboard into two distinct ranges. Not only does this make learning (with a tutor) much easier, but it also provides extra versatility for when you become a world class pianist!

If portability is your top desire, the Casio CDP-135 will give it to you in spades, while still providing a genuine and beautiful piano sound. In fact, the pure, authentic tones of the CDP-135 were carefully sampled from a concert grand piano mate with a Weighted Scaled Hammer Action 88 key keyboard. Thus, you needn’t be a master pianist to enjoy a wholly satisfying musical experience, or to share it with your friends both near and far.


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