You’ve probably seen a Best Buy Mobile store located in a mall near your home, and thought that it was just another place to purchase a cell phone. Go inside—you’ll be surprised to learn there’s a lot more to these locations than you imagined.

Best Buy Mobile stores deliver so much more

Yes, you can get a cell phone at a Best Buy Mobile store. In fact, your local Best Buy Mobile stores serve all of your cellular needs, with plans from all 6 of the major Canadian carriers, and a selection of the best devices available. You can also find a great selection of tablets, and tablet cases, and mobile accessories like cables, and charging pads.

To find the Best Buy Mobile store nearest you:

In addition, these stores are conveniently located in malls all across Canada. So no matter where you live or travel to in this country, you will likely find a Best Buy Mobile store nearby. So if your phone charger breaks, or perhaps you forgot it at home while travelling, you know where to go to get whatever you need.

However, the world is changing and Best Buy Mobile stores have become a place where you can shop for much more, then just cellular technology.

Best Buy Mobile stores help you explore the endless aisles of Best Buy online

Online shopping has many advantages that are driving a huge shift in how many people get the products they want. At Best Buy, even our largest “big box” stores can’t carry even a fraction of the products that we can include in our online store, Think about it: online we are able to have the widest possible selection of products, styles, colours, and configurations that a vendor can provide. Best Buy can’t possibly keep as much stock on hand, at every store, as can be located online. This is especially true of the much smaller Best Buy Mobile stores.

Savvy shoppers can rejoice that even at these smaller mobile stores, they can have access to the huge online selection available at Enter a mobile store and ask the Blue Shirt associate to look up a product for you, or show them the product you located online, and ask them to order it in for you. At a Best Buy Mobile store, you can order anything we carry online, from tech items like smart home lights and smart cameras, a big screen TV, computers or printers, and digital cameras to non-tech home essentials like a baby car seat, or a living room easy-chair.

Of course if you prefer, you can have anything you order in store (or online for that matter) delivered right to your home. Most orders over $35 will be shipped free. However, there are many reasons why you might want something delivered to your local Best Buy Mobile store instead. For example, some people living in apartment buildings prefer to have their packages arrive at a Best Buy store for security reasons. You may have a more personal reason: perhaps you ordered a gift for your spouse and you don’t want them to know until their birthday. A compelling reason might simply be that everything, from the smallest to the largest packages, you request to be delivered to a Best Buy Mobile store will be shipped free of charge.

Best Buy Mobile staff provide the incredible service you deserve

We often return to shop where we know we are treated like a real person. That is the biggest advantage of a Best Buy Mobile store over both competitors, and simply shopping online. Best Buy staff are amazing. They are friendly, helpful, well-trained to meet your needs, and, importantly, are not trying to up-sell you at every opportunity. They are non-commissioned and unbiased. Ask them to help, and they will help you, not just help their employer. This is a very important pillar of our business that you will experience at every Best Buy location: we want Canadians to be able to ask questions and learn about the products we carry so they can make the best choices that work for them.

Now that you know a little bit more about Best Buy Mobile stores, stop in to a location near you for your next cell phone, or your next television, or perhaps some fitness equipment, or a gorgeous new watch, or something for the kitchen ….

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