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Leo enjoys writing about everything from secret agents to tech toys and gadgets to professional hockey. Find his reviews and other product related commentary right here on the Best Buy Blog and his latest hockey rants at www.hockeycontroversial.com.

Air Hogs Star Wars RC X-Wing Starfighter Review

Today I take a look at the new Air Hogs Star Wars remote control X-Wing Starfighter. This is yet another hot Star Wars item that just debuted on Force Friday. Join me inside for a full review with lots of original photos and a short video clip in which I briefly discuss a few of the X-Wing’s key points. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re sure to love this toy. So why not click on through and see what I mean?!

Air Hogs Star Wars RC Ultimate Millennium Falcon Review

Today’s post kicks off a series of toy reviews that I’ll be doing over the next few weeks on some of the coolest toys of 2015. The first item I’m considering is the Air Hogs Star Wars RC Ultimate Millennium Falcon, but I’m also currently testing the Air Hogs RC X-Wing Starfighter, the Jurassic World Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex, and a whole lot more! Read on for full details on the Falcon, and stay tuned in the coming days for more amazing toys!

Educational Toys That Will Stimulate Your Child’s Memory

Today we wrap up our 3 part series on educational toys that will help your child in the early stages of his or her formal education. Please join me inside as I investigate the importance of memory to your child’s future education. This is certainly an important theme, and not merely during your child’s formative years. Memory is a lifelong tool that we all rely on each and every day. You might just find yourself wanting to work on your own memory by the end of this post. And, as always, I’ll suggest a few toys / products that are sure to help with memory development. So, click on through and let’s get started!

LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Review

Today I take an in-depth look at the new LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum (along with 2 classic LeapFrog LeapPad learning games). Join me inside and we’ll learn together whether or not the good folks at LeapFrog have hit yet another home run …. I’ll just give you this one little hint: They have! It’s their biggest children’s tablet yet, and, as always, it’s packed with fun, educational, and amazing features! So, click on through and read all about it!

Educational Toys to Prepare Your Child for Primary & The Early Grades

If your child’s confidence in his or her ability to learn seems like an important issue to you, click through and read on as I consider this issue in greater depth and ultimately suggest a few toys that may help to instill some early confidence in your child.

Best Backpacks with Laptop Space for Back to School

With the academic year quickly approaching, now is the time to consider the best backpacks with laptop space for back to school. If you (or the student in your home) are taking a laptop to school with you this year, you’ll want to find the best possible way of carrying it around. Join me inside for a look at 5 great backpacks with a special section for your laptop. When the time comes to drag your computer between various classes or to and from your home / dorm & school, you’ll be glad you’ve got a proper bag to help you out!  

Educational Toys to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool

If you have a small child that will be heading off to preschool either this year or in the next couple of years, you’re going to want to give them every possible advantage when it comes to their education. This is really the sort of thing where getting them an early start now can totally pay off in their future endeavours, so read on for a few interesting facts and helpful product suggestions.

Best Microwaves for Back to School as Rated by Best Buy Customers

Two weeks ago I posted an article called “Best Slowcookers for Back to School as Rated by Customers.” Today, in hopes of helping those on the verge of returning to University & College, I consider the top 5 microwave ovens for back to school as rated by Best Buy customers. Read on to learn all about the very best microwave ovens currently available at Best Buy. These are your very own opinions, so you know the information here is highly valuable. Click on through to give it a look!

Ride into the Future with Hoverboards & Unicycles!

Have you ever wished you could ride in style as you cruise down your street? Well, now you can! No, I’m not talking about riding in a Limo, a Mercedes-Benz, or a Lamborghini. I mean riding on an electric hoverboard or unicycle!   While neither unicycles nor skatetboards are new ideas, it’s certainly an interesting twist to electrify either of them. If you’d like to learn more about just how these exciting new modes of transportation work, click on through and read all about it. Who knows, maybe by next week you’ll be scooting along to work on an electric hoverboard or unicycling through your local park? The future has finally arrived!

Best Slowcookers for Back to School as Rated by Customers

If you’re considering getting a slowcooker for back to school and would like to read top recommendations from other customers just like yourself, then today’s blog should be right up your alley. Read on to see which slowcookers come most highly recommended by Best Buy customers. These reviews are given in each customer’s own words, so you’ll know you’re getting sound advice. The quoted customers have purchased these slowcookers and used them thoroughly, so step on inside and see what these good folks have to say!

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