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Gadjo is a veteran journalist covering consumer technology, lifestyle and business. He has written for international newspapers, magazines and online publications. He is founder of Canadianreviewer.com as well as an avid photographer and travel enthusiast.

Top ten fitness trackers

New Year's Resolutions are mostly about self-improvement, getting fitter, training harder and being more selective about what we eat and consume. This makes fitness trackers ideal tools to keep up focused and help us achieve our goals.

Gifts for him: The best wearables

Part fashion statement and part accessory a good wearable extends the technology we already have in our phone or, even better, makes it possible to leave behind our mobile devices while fulfilling some of their functions.

Review: Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit has created the latest version of its durable and no-nonsense fitness tracker backed by a stellar app and web client. Now waterproof and even more versatile the Fitbit Flex 2 is worth checking out.

Is a solid state hard drive the coolest tech gift this season?

Generally overlooked, hard drives have never been the coolest computer peripherals, but with faster and more capacious Solid State Drives now available as direct replacements or as external backup storage, they’re not only desirable tech gifts, they can completely change the way we work and play.

Review: Pebble 2 Smartwatch

There’s a new Pebble smartwatch in town and it’s quite interesting to see what Pebble has chosen as the key features of its entry-level model four years after it broke Kickstarter records as one of the most funded and most successful projects ever with 68,929 backers.

Cafe computing: 5 must-haves for using your laptop in a coffee shop

Working on the go is a reality and coffee shops are selling more than lattes and donuts, they're providing a workplace, Internet connections and a virtual office for mobile workers. Here are 5 must-haves to pack for using your laptop in a coffee shop.

Do more with your tablet than you thought possible with the right accessories

Tablets are extremely versatile computing platforms. They are also increasingly powerful and approach the capacitires of notebooks and 2-in-1's. Let's look at some accessories that can improve anyone's tablet owning experience

Smartwatches that are the easiest for changing bands

 Smartwatches haven’t just changed the way we look at timepieces in terms of extensions of our smartwatch technology, they’ve also disrupted the fashion aspect by offering different bands, bracelets and making it easy for users themselves to change their watch bands for different occasions.

Smartwatches that will let you read your text messages

   Smartwatches are great for reading bit sized notifications an even text messages without needing to whip out one’s smartphone, tap the messaging app and scroll to the latest messages. Here are some smartwatches that do a great job of letting you read your text messages and even respond to them.

Grad gifts they will need in their future careers

 Graduations are once in a lifetime moments that mark a person’s transition to the next step of their lives or careers. Thoughtful gifts for grads will be lasting tools and accessories that they can use for their future careers. Here are some solid suggestions.

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