For years Whirlpool has been a household name that almost everyone has heard of when it comes to appliances for your home. They have a long list of appliances available, and a huge variety so that there really is something for everyone, whatever your household needs may be. Whether you need something bigger for a large family, standard sizes or even smaller for your suite or apartment living, Whirlpool has it all.

The great thing about Whirlpool products is how they’re available in many colours and styles. They have the always modern stainless steel options and the always classic black and white options too. They’ve even stepped it up a notch with the white ice and black ice line which is a sleek new twist to the basic white and black. They have definitely covered all the bases for whatever matches your current decor or if you are only looking to replace one item in your kitchen.

Options for all sizes


For those of you in smaller spaces such as a suite or apartment, look not further than this gorgeous Whirlpool 30″ 19.7 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with LED Lighting. This fridge is super modern. The side by side doors with the freezer drawer on the bottom is the going trend right now, and even though it’s smaller in size, it’s still full of really cool features.

It has a fresh flow designed drawers for your fruits and vegetables, and a fresh flow air filter that’s better than baking soda at keeping those nasty smells out of your fridge. There’s also a huge storage area in your door that’s adjustable and can fit gallon sized jugs or bottles. If you’re a little clumsy, as I’ve been known to be, then you’ll also love that the shelves have a specific design with a lip, so in case you spill or something leaks it will be contained to that one shelf only instead of leaking its way down to the bottom of your fridge. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I have had to empty out my whole fridge to clean it out due to spilled milk or juice.

stainless fridge.jpg

Sadly my own fridge has been slowly breaking bit by bit. First my water dispenser decided to stop working, then we had some issues with water leaking out of the bottom, and most recently my husband broke my deli drawer, so I have been doing some fridge “window shopping” as you could say. This new to Best Buy Whirlpool 36″ 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice & Water Dispenser is definitely on my list of possibilities. Since I have two growing boys and a husband who eats mass amounts of food, we definitely need a fridge on the larger size.

This fridge is large and it also has some other great features such as the accu chill feature which uses internal sensors to accurately and energy efficiently keep your food cool. It’s basically a smart fridge in my mind. Like many of Whirlpools new fridges, it also has the fresh flow air filter to keep your fridge smelling fantastic. Another bonus with this fridge is the energy star which will give you a break on your energy bill each month. Let’s face it we’re all looking for ways to save a few bucks.

Stove selections

gas range.jpg

Another appliance on my “to buy” list is a new stove, and not because mine is breaking, but because I have been dying for a gas stove, preferably with five burners please.

I was pretty happy to see this new Whirlpool 30″ 5.8 Cu. Ft. 5-Burner Slide-In Gas Range. This gas range is really like a two in one because you get the gas cooktop but the oven has a fan convection which allows your foods to cook more evenly in the oven. This range says it’s five burners, but what I love is that the whole top of the range is covered in a griddle so you can really cook anywhere on it. This is perfect for a large family or for those big holiday meals you might be hosting come Christmas time.

One of the reasons I have wanted a gas range was because of their ability to take a pot of cold water from cold to boiling quicker than my flat cooktop I currently have. I also love that this range has a frozen bake technology, which allows you to skip the preheat. This will come in handy for those days when everyone’s starving and impatient for dinner.

Don’t forget a dishwasher


If you’re treating yourself to new kitchen appliances, you might as well go all in and get a beautiful new dishwasher too while you’re at it. The Whirlpool 24″ Dishwasher has a smooth stainless steel look to it that will compliment the rest of your new kitchen appliances.

The feature of this dishwasher that I love is the AnyWare Plus basket for your silverware. You can locate it right inside the dishwasher on the pull out dish rack, or it easily fits on to the inside of the door for when you need the extra space inside for larger loads. I find it annoying in my current dishwasher that the silverware basket only fits in its designated spot. It makes loading your dishwasher efficiently very difficult.

Another fantastic feature is the AccuSense soil sensor. During your pre soak the sensors measure the soil level of your dishes and will adjust the wash and dry settings so your dishes get the best clean possible. It’s also energy star qualified which is a bonus and keep a few extra bucks in your pocket.

When shopping for new appliances it’s really important to do your homework to make sure you get the right fit for your household needs. Luckily today most appliances come in different sizes and colours and with a varying degree of options to choose from. Whirlpool has really covered all their bases with their different lines available.

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