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The popularity of stick vacuums has grown over the years and there are many options available across the market. Today, I’m reviewing the Roidmi F8 Storm which, upon first glance, is a modern and sleek-looking stick vacuum. After previously reviewing other competitor stick vacuums, I was curious to see what the Roidmi F8 Storm has to offer.

Inside the box of the Roidmi F8 Storm

Roidmi F8 Storm in the boxUpon opening the box of the 2018 Red Dot award-winning Roidmi F8 Storm, I was immediately impressed with the packaging. Each of the vacuum’s 12 pieces are individually packaged and sealed; there’s even a cardboard envelope containing the instruction manual, a sticker for the magnetic wall mount, a sponge for the filter, and a cleaning brush.

The 12 pieces included in the box are: the main Roidmi F8 Storm body, a detachable stick, a soft roller, a carbon fibre brush, a crevice tool, a filter, an adapter, an anti-mite brush, a mini-soft dusting tool, an extension soft pipe, a magnetic wall mount and a mini cleaning/mattress brush.

The Roidmi F8 Storm also features four-layers of filtration, is extremely lightweight at approximately 2.5 kg, is ultra quiet, and has its own app called the Roidmi Intelligent Life App.

Testing out the Roidmi F8 Storm

Roidmi F8 StormThe first thing I noticed about the Roidmi F8 Storm was how lightweight it was; I was thinking it had to be the lightest stick vacuum I’ve tested. Being lightweight overall means this vacuum is less top-heavy which makes it easier to handle and also stops it from falling easily if you rest it on furniture when not in use. I also loved the design of the handle—it allows you to hold it in two ways depending on where you’re vacuuming.

This vacuum was also very easy to put together; the stick, cleaning heads, and tools all click together into its corresponding ports, and release just as easily with a push of a button. Near the handle, you’ll find the charging socket to charge the vacuum with the included adapter. But before using it for the first time, you will need to fully charge the Roidmi F8 Storm because this vacuum is a cordless model.

Further down the handle is the power button where you turn it on by holding the button for a couple of seconds. To change the strength from low to high, simply press the power button quickly and you’ll hear the higher power kick in. To turn the vacuum off, hold the power button again for a couple of seconds. Below the power button are the light indicators for battery and status information. These indicators will notify you, for example, if the dust cup is full.

Roidmi F8 Storm wall mountWith the 100,000-rpm brushless DC motor I found that my hardwood and tile floors were nicely cleaned by only using the lower power setting. But on the other hand, I preferred the higher power setting, for extra suction, when it came to my area rugs, couch and mattress. The mini cleaning/mattress brush is a bonus for sure. It’s the perfect size to handle and give your furniture and mattress a deep cleaning. The high-performance Samsung lithium battery provides up to 55 minutes per charge.

Storing your Roidmi F8 Storm is quick and easy. It’s designed to be stored standing, and the included magnetic wall mount magnetizes the handle to keep it in an upright position. In the instruction manual you will find well-detailed instructions with pictures on how to install the mount using the included wall sticker and mount. This mount magnetizes to the handle and holds the main body of the vacuum upright. The vacuum is so slim and sleek it can easily be stored in a closet.

Final thoughts on the Roidmi F8 Storm

There were a few key aspects about the Roidmi F8 Storm that I loved, and that would encourage me to purchase one for my own home. The suction is powerful, and I like that there are two options for suction power. Using a mix of the two settings allowed me enough time to clean my floors and couch without having to stop and recharge. Once you power on the vacuum, you don’t have to keep holding the power button while you vacuum which is a great feature as well.

The weight of this vacuum is amazing. Often during vacuuming, I have to stop and move furniture or pick up items that I don’t want vacuumed up such as dog toys, and since stick vacuums don’t stand upright, I lean them up on the wall or a piece of furniture. I find many stick style vacuums a little top heavy and they often fall or slip if you stand them up against the wall or on furniture, but I didn’t have that issue with the Roidmi F8 Storm. The main body of the vacuum is also very slim, streamlined and does not have a bulky feel at all. While the dust cup is on the smaller side, I easily vacuumed my floors and couch without having to stop and empty it.

Cleaning the air in your home while you vacuum is a perk with the Roidmi F8. With its four-layer filtration system it absorbs participles as small as PM0.3, and purifying up to 99% of your air. To get the most out of the filtration system, it is recommended to clean or change the filter every 3 months.

Last of all I must mention the Roidmi Intelligent Life App that is available on your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can check battery usage, if your vacuum is currently charging, filter capacity, and receive alerts to empty the vacuum. The app even tells you how many calories you’ve burned while cleaning, this may even motivate you to vacuum a little more often.

The Roidmi F8 Storm is so easy to use I found I was taking it out and vacuuming almost every day. Seeing as it’s so lightweight, and without using the stick attachment, it becomes the perfect size to clean your car as well. The crevice tool attachment gets in all the hard to reach places and the dust tool will clean out the dust and debris from your dashboard and vents.

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