Using a powerful Dyson vacuum makes your home cleaner and healthier. After each time I clean my home, I feel a sense of renewed positive energy making me more focused and energized—and it simply makes me feel good. I recently got a chance to use a Dyson vacuum for the first time in my home and all I can say is I’m impressed! The floors, carpet, and even walls suddenly looked cleaner than ever before. You might find out for yourself how great these are by entering for a chance to win one of the new V15 Detect Complete or Omni-glide cordless stick vacuums.

Dyson V15 Detect Complete has the power and intelligence to get the job done

Engineered with advanced Dyson technology, the Dyson V15 Detect vacuum features a precisely-angled laser cleaner head that detects the particles you can’t normally see—so you don’t miss anything. Its powerful motor automatically identifies the higher dust volumes and increases the suction power when you need it. There are many other great features of this vacuum including the battery run time, HEPA filtration, LED lights, and LCD screen. The versatility of this vacuum makes deep cleaning your carpets, hard floors, or even the places where other vacuums can’t reach, easier.

Dream clean, without the cord, anywhere

Cleaning is more than just about getting rid of dirt for me. I rearrange the furniture and declutter by removing (or donating) things I don’t need anymore. Every month or two, I take everything out of the room (except heavy furniture!) for a thorough dust and vacuum cleanup; and then, I rearrange things in a different way. This just makes room for adding new stuff and room for more healthy, positive energy.

Imagine how thrilled I was when offered a chance to use a Dyson for the first time in my home for my regular deep clean! I now understand why the Dyson brand has become so famous: it kind of felt like bringing a celebrity into my home! And, I learned the fame is well-deserved. The suction power is incredible—perfect for a family with children and pets. Plus, it comes with so many additional tools to clean the stairs, furniture, drapes, and so much more. Lastly, I noticed that vacuuming was easier and more thorough than I had ever experienced before. If I owned one, I would not need to clean as often as I do; my life would be easier and I’d have a dream clean home.

We sent both of these Dyson vacuums to our blogger Christine Persaud for honest reviews, and she tested many of their great features … you really must read them yourself. So, first I suggest you read the Dyson V15 Detect Complete review and the Dyson Omni-glide review, then enter this contest for a chance to win one of the new Dyson vacuums that we are giving away.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in three different ways:

  1. In this post, I shared my home cleanup routine. Now in a comment below, tell us how often do you vacuum to keep your home clean and clutter-free?
  2. In a comment on Christine Persaud’s V15 Detect review, tell us what are some of the health benefits of vacuuming regularly using a powerful Dyson vacuum?
  3. Send an email to answering this question: if you could have any living celebrity come to your home and vacuum every day using one of these Dyson vacuums, tell us who that celebrity would be and which vacuum will they use the V15 or the Omniglide?

What you can win

At the end of the contest, we will randomly select three winners from all eligible entries: two will receive the Dyson Omni-Glide Cordless Stick Vacuum and one will receive the Dyson V15 Detect Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum.

This contest runs from October 12th until October 26th.

Remember, you can enter three times as indicated in the how to enter section above. If you’re a Dyson fan, enter the contest, cross your fingers, and share this contest throughout your social network, family, and friends so they too have a chance to win, and dream clean!

Win a Dyson Vacuum Rules and Regulations

Good luck!


  1. I don’t vacuum as often as I should. Probably only once a month. My vacuum is a big clunky thing that I have to store downstairs. It’s a pain lugging it upstairs and having to plug it in.

  2. We vacuum about once per week because it is very hard on my knees. I think a Dyson cordless vacuum would be easier than my built in vacuum

  3. I vacuum weekly. There are four storeys to take care of, so sometimes need to spot-vacuum during the week too!

  4. I vacuum once a week. With cats, living in the dusty prairies and having long hair, it is weekly at the very minimum in my house.

  5. I vacuum once a week and need to in order to keep up with the dust and pet hair. I think Dyson is the best products to do this.

  6. I vacuum weekly at a minimum with my Dyson, and do ‘spot checks’ as needed because I have a 5 year old, so there are ALWAYS crumbs and messes!!

  7. I vacuum biweekly and as needed. Trying to train the rest of the household to vacuum more to keep this place tidy! Lol

  8. I clean once a week, but with a cat I’d like to do it more often as the hairs do take over and it’s a fight to keep them off your clothes etc. This would sure help me as a senior too cause it’s getting a real chore to keep up with the work.

  9. We vacuum floors and furniture about twice a week becuase we have a shedding dog. A cordless, handheld definitely makes this easier.

  10. I don’t currently own a vacuum! I have to sweep up daily with our laminate flooring. Having a Dyson vacuum would be a lifesaver and then I could go to weekly vacuuming!

  11. I use mine a few times per week. Whenever I see something on my floors that shouldn’t be there out comes the vacuum. I prefer this over a longer vacuuming session.

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