Dyson1 (2)If you’re a Dyson lover or are wanting to become one, then look no further than Dyson’s newest member the Dyson 360 eye.

The Dyson 360 eye is Dysons first robot vacuum, and let me tell you it has a lot to offer in such a small package. It’s super sleek and modern in its design, and I was extremely impressed by how smart it was.

I have never owned a robot vacuum and have always heard mixed reviews on them, but I was quickly impressed by its ease of use, the suction power and how it allowed me to not give cleaning my floors a second thought.


Dyson5.JPGWhat’s in the box

The Dyson 360 eye comes ready to use in the box. What you will find when you open the box is the Dyson 360 eye vacuum, the charging dock where your Dyson 360 eye will go to recharge and dock itself when it’s not in use, the power cord that connects from the wall outlet to the dock and the instruction manual. You can also download the Dyson Link app to your smart phone or android device from the app store which will allow you to control the Dyson 360 remotely.


What’s inside the Dyson 360 eye

Dyson9-Optimized.JPGIf you own a Dyson vacuum currently you’ll immediately recognize some of their popular features such as the easy to empty canister, the cyclone technology and the full length floor brush.

The Dyson 360 eye boasts twice the suction power of any other robot vacuum currently on the market. The technology in this robot is quite impressive. To start with it’s the only robot vacuum with Radial Root Cyclone technology. It has eight individual cyclones that increase airflow and generate high centrifugal forces which allows it to capture microscopic particles to ensure you get the deepest clean possible.

The Dyson 360 eye gets its name due to the vision system that takes 30 images a second and uses simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology to create a panoramic view of the room it’s cleaning. This 360 view allows the vacuum to know where it is, where its cleaned and where it’s going next. It works at its best when the room being cleaned is well lit.

The motor in this robot vacuum was specially designed by Dyson and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. It has digital technology that creates high suction power in a lightweight design.

This little robot vacuum uses tank tracks to get around which means it can manoeuver over different types of flooring and overcome obstacles that may be in it’s way.

If you have experience with Dysons brush bar from one of their full sized machines, then you know how amazing it works, and the 360 eye uses it as well. It has soft anti-static carbon fibre filaments and stiff nylon bristles that easily pick up fine dust and ground in dirt ensuring you get the cleanest floors possible, from hardwood, laminate, tile and carpet.


Functions and specifications

Dyson4-Optimized.JPGThe Dyson 360 eye is about as user friendly as it can get. You start out by setting up the dock which is as easy as plugging in the charging cord to the wall unit and then connecting the cord to the dock itself. The dock has a fold down piece with two metal looking bars. These metal looking bars will connect with the base of the vacuum unit and this is where the recharging happens.

You will see the canister that removes with the push of a button and empties by simply lifting off the lid and dumping out the contents. The power button is fairly large in size and illuminates to show what the vacuum is currently doing, such as charging, vacuuming, pausing or connecting to the wifi.

There are also two filters that will require a clean about once a month. The pre and post motor filters are easily removable and need to be rinsed with cold water only. Once the dirt and dust is removed, allow them to air dry before placing them back in the vacuum.


Testing the Dyson 360 out


Dyson6.jpgOnce I set up the docking station and placed the 360 eye on it, I decided to start out by downloading the Dyson link app on my smart phone.  After you download the app and open it up, you choose to connect your new vacuum. The app will search for your wifi and ask you to input your password, and then ask you to go into your phone settings and connect to the Dyson 360 option you should see available. When you’ve done that you return to the Dyson link app and the vacuum will connect to your wifi. From this app you can schedule a clean for a specific time and length, check on your past activity and read the product guide. If you would prefer to have the vacuum cleaning while you’re out, simply schedule the clean for your preferred time and you will have clean floors when you get home.

Another option is to simply press the power button on the 360 eye and it will start to clean. If you start your vacuum from the docking station it will return to charge all on its own when the battery gets low. Once it has charged itself it will then return to finish the job it started. You can literally press a button, walk away and forget about it and end up with clean floors. There’s really nothing to complain about here.

Lastly you can remove the Dyson 360 from the docking station and turn it on from your preferred spot. It will start cleaning, but once its battery gets low it will return to its starting point and just shut off. You will then have to return it to its docking station to recharge yourself.

You can watch my video review on the Dyson 360eye here:


Final Thoughts

Dyson8.jpgI have to say that I sat on the couch for quite some watching this little robot go about its business. I was curious to see if there was a pattern it followed when it cleaned. It seemed like just when I thought I had its system or cleaning pattern down it confused me by going in a different direction. The reality is though at the end of the day my area rugs and floors have never been cleaner, so I could really care less how it got that way. One thing to take note on is to make sure there are no loose carpet threads, wires or shoe strings lying around. The vacuum will try to self correct if it does suck up something it shouldn’t by lowering its suction levels in hopes of getting rid of the blockage, but for best performance it’s a good idea to remove any unwanted objects out of the way before cleaning.

I was most impressed when it went through my chair legs and under my dining room table. I thought for sure it was going to get stuck and stay there, but I sat there and watched it scan the area, then move bit by bit until it found its way out between the table and chair legs.

What I loved most about the Dyson 360 eye is that it’s about as low maintenance as you can get. Besides telling it what you want it to do, and when you want it to do it on your handy Dyson Link app, all you really need to do is empty out the canister. It will keep your floors dirt, dust and allergen free and even recharge itself all on its own. I mean come on, what more could you ask for.

Look for the Dyson 360 eye coming soon to bestbuy.ca

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