roborock for christmas

It’s Day one of our annual 12 days of Christmas on the Best Buy blog! We’re going to be sharing some great gift choices over the next 12 days. We’re kicking things off with one of my favourite finds of the year: the Roborock 2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping vacuum cleaner.

Why choose a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaners are the easiest way to keep your floors clean. If you have a lot of pet hair, dirt, and debris hitting the ground every day, you might worry that a robot vacuum cleaner can’t do the job well. After testing out the Roborock vacuum cleaner myself, I know this robot vacuum cleaner is up to the task.

The Roborock 2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping vacuum cleaner was designed to sweep and mop your floors. With a water reservoir and re-usable cloth, it can vacuum and mop at same time.

Large dust reservoir


If you’re going to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for your home, you’ll want to know it can clean your all of your floors in one clean up. If you have to empty the dust pan before the battery life has run down, it defeats the purpose of hands-free cleaning.

The Roborock has an extra large dust reservoir and wide mouth extending from the brush. It can sweep items both small and large off your floors and store them away until it’s done cleaning up. Although my floors can get extremely messy with pet hair and other debris, the Roborock keeps cleaning until the job is done. I only empty the dust bin when it’s headed back to the dock.

Long battery life & super suction

After using this robot vacuum cleaner for two months, I know there is nothing it won’t pick up. It has extra large wheels to navigate over obstacles, and it will try and try again until it fits in tight corners. Because it has a wide opening between the removable brush and the dust bin, super suction to pick up every piece, and the large dust bin, it can pick up everything from cheerios to dust bunnies.

The battery on the Roborock robot vacuum lasts approximately 2 hours, and you can see how much charge you have left by looking on companion app.

Smart navigation & app


There’s something amazing about being able to open an app on your phone and send your vacuum off to clean. It means you can be out of the house, realize you need to vacuum, and you can turn it on with just a tap on your phone.

The Roborock also has smart navigation, so you can see a map of your home on the screen and know exactly where the vacuum has cleaned. You can also use the map for spot cleaning or scheduled zone cleaning, so the Roborock doesn’t leave that area until it’s done.

Within the app you can also see any error messages, change the suction on the vacuum, and even change the language.

And it mops too!

It’s hard to believe the Roborock could do a better job cleaning your floors than it already does, but when you snap on the water reservoir and included cloth, it will also mop your floors.

The best way to mop is to press spot cleaning on the vacuum cleaner or within the app. It will stay within your floor area, sweeping back and forth, until the floor is clean.

Roborock has a voice


If you take a look at the app you’ll always know what your Roborock vacuum cleaner is up to, but this vacuum cleaner also has a voice. It will tell you when it’s heading back to the dock, when it’s stuck, or when there’s an error. Because the vacuum will give you a specific error code, you always know what to fix if something goes wrong.

If you know someone who would love hands-free cleaning for Christmas, check out the Roborock robot vacuum. It’s available right now on Best Buy.

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of our 12 days of Christmas. We’ll be talking about your favourite small appliance and mine, the Instant Pot!


  1. I would like to purchase via BestBuy but can’t find it. Online or InStore would be fine. Please notify me when it is available.

    • Hi Anthony,

      This product is currently sold out, though i was told by the Appliance team at Best Buy’s head office that more stock will be available by the middle of February.

      Best regards,

    • HI Lily,

      The product went offline briefly but is back again! it does make a great present for a loved one or for yourself!

      Best regards,

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