This year’s Black Friday at Best Buy Canada is more special than ever. We all know that Black Friday deals are amazing so we expect stores to offer some great deals. However, this year Best Buy is doing things a little differently. We have extended the savings this month, giving Canadians more time to get the best deals. You have probably already noticed the Black Friday price now on many items on our website all month-long in November. You can expect more great deals on Black Friday itself, which Best Buy is also going to start early this year.

Best Buy’s Black Friday sale officially begins on Sunday November 22nd!

Learn more about the Best Buy Black Friday sale then read how to make sure you are ready to get the best deals so far this year.

Black Friday prices for the whole month of November

We all know that rushing into a store en masse on any day this holiday season wouldn’t be safe. So for all our sakes, Best Buy spread out the sale. It reduces the stress to get everything at once, and increases the likelihood that you will find the gifts on your list at the best prices. Here are a couple of my favourite items that went on sale early:

Sony 4K TV $1899.99 save $400
Samsung Galaxy Buds live $199.99 save $50



Black Friday is still a sale like no other

The Best Buy Black Friday Flyer is already available. As such, you can see for yourself that there are amazing prices to suit anyone’s gift list. Here are some of my favourites

Samsung 4K QLED TV $1099.99 Save $400
Asus Wi-Fi 6 Router $249.99 Save $100

When will the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales begin?

Black Friday is November 22:  The sale starts online at 12:00 midnight ET on Sunday November 22, 2020 and in stores when they open that day. The best part? The sale continues through to November 29th and then we’ll start another great sales event for  Cyber Monday, November 30th!

Cyber Monday is November 30:  Another wave of great deals are heading your way as of November 30th, 2020 at 3:00am ET. It’s a great chance to grab these online exclusive sales!

Here are some suggestions for how to be prepared for amazing deals:

  1. Visit the Best Buy website:

    Take a gander and visit the Best Buy website in preparation for this year’s big sales! Getting familiar with the Best Buy website can help you navigate the various product pages and help you find items on your wishlist. Browse for some items that have caught your eye so you can easily find them when the sale begins. Sometimes, even bookmarking your preferred items can help ensure you purchase your items quickly. There will be thousands and thousands of visitors on the site, so how fast you browse and check-out can be crucial for making that magical purchase!

  2. Create an account on our website:

    When every second counts, you want to take advantage of any preparation that will give you an edge during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale—be ready, and register for an Best Buy account now!

  3. Sign up now for the Best Buy e-newsletter: 

    Staying on top of this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale just got easier; sign up now to receive the latest and greatest sales straight in your inbox.

  4. Check Facebook and Twitter:

    A lot of the time during these major sales, social media, like Facebook or Twitter, will be one of the first places where many deals will appear—and this is the exact case for the Best Buy Facebook page and Twitter feed! Make sure to tell your friends and family that you’ll be sharing great deals on your newsfeed so that they can also enjoy these exclusive sales. And if your loved ones share the awesome deals they find, you’ll be an unstoppable force when ticking off this year’s wishlist!

  5. Decide how you will pay:

    You can use a Best Buy credit card, of course. You can also consider signing onto PayPal prior to the sales event for simple, secure and fast online transactions. With PayPal, you can pay for your purchases directly from your bank account, or from a credit card account, without having to enter your credit card details at Best Buy—you’ll be so shocked at how easy the transaction is you may never go back to paying by credit card online.

  6. Get your questions answered before you begin:

Take advantage of these sales and visit to find exciting presents for everyone on your lists.



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