kenw0od.jpgWhen you think of Kenwood, you might think of car stereos. When I was growing up, Kenwood was synonymous with audio, and I’m pretty sure most homes had a Kenwood amplifier and most cars had a Kenwood stereo.

But there are two Kenwood companies: the Kenwood Corporation that sells audio products, and Kenwood Limited, a company that’s been modernizing the kitchen since 1947. Kenneth Maynard Wood of Britain founded Kenwood Limited, and working from his garage, he set out to revolutionize how people perform tasks in their kitchens.

The first appliance out of the Kenwood test kitchen was an electric toaster, the Kenwood A100, and it let you toast both sides without actually touching the bread. I can only imagine how modern that seemed in 1947, but the real innovation in kitchen appliances was right around the corner.

The Kenwood Chef was a “kitchen ma1950-kitchen-machine.jpgchine” and launched in late 1950 at the Ideal Home Exhibition. It only had three speeds, but it would let the owner cut down on the time it took to do various tasks in the kitchen. Its first release was to Harrod’s department store and they were completely sold out in one week.

As the decades passed, Kenwood Limited produced more award winning products including the first electronic speed control and the deluxe food processor, both released in 1979.

In 2001, Kenwood joined the De’longhi group, and since that time has focused on being a leader in kitchen appliances. They currently produce over 200 different models of appliances available in 40 countries around the world.

I love testing out new appliances. Because I’ve put my fair share of the latest and greatest appliances to the test, it’s pretty hard to surprise me when it comes to new features or increased speed. But after trying out the latest Kenwood blenders, I was blown away. They’re fast, efficient, and more powerful than anything I’ve tried before, and it really made me think about how far blenders have come over the past few years.

Here’s a quick look at what Kenwood has available on right now. You’ll probably recognize a few of these.


kenwood-kitchen.jpgThe Kenwood Kitchen Machine

Can you believe the Kenwood Kitchen Machine is still available? It even sort of looks the same, but this machine is light years ahead of its predecessor in terms of technology. The latest kitchen machine, the Kenwood Major Kitchen Machine, has variable speed controls, a European motor with dual ventilation to prevent overheating and for extra power, and 4 attachments to whip, mix, or blend anything you’re preparing.


Kenwood Triblade Hand BlenderKenwood-triblade-handblender.jpg

I’m not kidding—the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender made me change the way I work in the kitchen. I only managed to test out half of the 23 functions, and the way it ground up almonds blew my mind. It whips, beats, chops, and shreds. You can use it for everything from pureeing soup right in the pot to blending smoothies right in the cup. 

kenwood-blendx-pro.jpgKenwood Blend-X Pro Blender

I usually find something to like about all of the appliances I test out, but I can’t say I ever gushed about a blender until I tried the Kenwood Blend-X Pro. It has a 1,000-watt intelligent motor and MultiZone blades to literally blast through everything you put in the bowl.

Coffee beans? No problem. Want to make a slush for the kids? It crushed ice and frozen fruit so fast I couldn’t believe it. It really made me think that life’s too short to have a bad blender you have to fight with to chop or blend, and I’d be thrilled to have the Blend-X Pro on my countertop.

These are only a few of the great Kenwood appliances available on right now. It’s amazing how a company that began with one man’s quest to change the way we use appliances is still innovating to this very day.

Shelly Wutke
Editor TV & Home Theatre
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