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My parents have a dark den that is cool and stylish (or was in the 70’s) and was a selling point for them when they found the house I grew up in. It was built by the previous owner, who was a bachelor. It had a granite fireplace, a wooden dance floor, and brown shag carpeting. As kids we didn’t use it much, but I remember lying down behind the couch in the dark in the heat of summer when I was little. It was cool; a welcome relief from the Canadian muggy weather in July and August.

As a grownup I look for the same things in a basement in the summertime. The sticky heat always makes me want to spend time in the cool darkness of a basement space, and I think like most adult women that spurs me on to make it look stylish. I live in an apartment right now, so I don’t have my own basement, but my parents are redecorating theirs and I can’t wait to help.

Looking around for new furnishings for their updated space, I’ve discovered some great ideas at Best Buy. From furniture to electronics, I’m relieved they seem to have a lot of what we need, and at prices that fit my parent’s retirement budget.


Best Buy Living Room Furniture

We have a big family, so a large sectional that can seat lots of people is a must for the den. This sectional is made of leather too, so it’ll stay cool to the touch in the stickiness of summer. I like that it’s modern design will fit into any décor my parents choose-a must since my mom is an artist and takes great pleasure in designing their interiors. The wooden frame means it’s sturdy and it’s convienent that to clean up spills you just wipe it with a cloth!

Recliner.jpgMy Dad has a recliner just like this in their basement-but not as slick-looking. This recliner beats his old one hands down-it has two-way power motor to deliver front and back reclining options and has pocket springs and soft polyester padding fibre for deep relaxation. It’s easy assembly in under an hour, a big plus, and has a pinewood frame. The cover is polyurethane fabric for stain resistance and breathability. And to clean it, you just wipe with fresh water and mild soap. It’s perfect for relaxing and watching the game.

My parents still have DVD’s and VHS tapes so they need a place to put them. This bookcase fits the bill. It even has five floating display shelves to display all their photo albums.

My husband got my parents a new TV so they’ll need a place to put it. I like this TV stand. It’s strong, but easy to handle and it accommodates most TVs up to 68 inches, which means that my folks TV will fit nicely. It also has adjustable shelves so they can customize their home entertainment components, and my Dad’s logical mind will appreciate the cable management system that keeps everything neat and organized.

This floor screen is also great for added privacy. Its accordion style means that it can fold right up against the wall, and I just love how it looks!

Soft Furnishings 

Decorative Cushions

If we’re going to get the sectional we’re going to want to add a few splashes of colour, plus black leather might be great for summer coolness, but it can also be visually heavy. A few decorative cushions seem just the thing-and they’re stylish too! I like this one, but I’ll need to ask my Mom-as an artist she’s got a terrific eye. These cushions have a mesmerizing circle design, and cleaning them is easy with their removable shell and zipper. They’re duck feather filled and have a 100 per cent polyester shell that holds up to everyday den-inspired wear and tear.



Even though the point of this room is to be cool, I think a fuzzy throw like this throw wouldn’t go a miss. And its ThermoFine technology automatically adjusts the heat to a desired temperature, so it’s fantastic for basements! It has 20-heat settings so you can find the optimal temperature for relaxing on the sectional and watching the game. It’s machine-washable and dryer-safe to boot, so it’s perfect for den usage. And it even has a 5-year limited warranty.


With my little one playing on the floor, which tends to be cool in the basement, even in the summer, a space carpet down there is a must. Plus it’s soft on the toes and makes the room feel cozy. I like this carpet-its design is versatile and the black tones in it go with the sectional. It’s made with 100% polypropylene material so it’s durable, and at 5′ x 8′ it’s the perfect size for a little ground cover in the basement space. The fashionista in me loves that it’s made with the finest yarn and latest European weaving technology and that it’s part of the excusive Baguette collection.


Lighting.jpgAs I mentioned, my Mom is an artist so she’s got lots of her paintings hanging on the wall. Lighting is important for them to look their best, so I know she’ll want a great system.

I like this lighting systemIt’s elegant, and its dimmable function allows her to set the mood. She’ll love that the five 3W LED bulbs offer plenty of light and are long-lasting. I’m getting these to surprise her.

Audio Speakers

And of course, no den would be complete without an upgraded sound system. I’m not very informed about technology, so I’m glad that Best Buy explains their audio systems well. I like the Klipsch surround sound bundle. It has something called a 10″ 150-watt subwoofer, a centre speaker, two tower speakers, and a pair of bookshelf speakers. That makes sense even to me. This system has a 1-inch Aluminum Linear Travel Suspension, front-firing port creating the ideal airflow with minimal distortion, and an MDF cabinet with brushed polymer veneer finish. They’ll look great in my parent’s basement, and they’ll be super functional too. I’m going to turn them up to eleven!

rsz_speaker_system (1).jpgAs retirees, my parents are on a fixed income, but I’m really happy that the great savings I discovered means they don’t have to scrimp on style. If you’re looking for cost-effective, visually evocative upgrades for your basement I highly recommend the living room furnishings at Best Buy.

Samantha Lawrence
Sam is an award-winning writer who works both in Canada and the UK. Past clients have included NGOs, HM Government and the National Health Service in the UK, travel websites, film production companies and arts organizations. Sam completed a major commission by UNICEF Canada contributing to their national rebranding and accompanying website re-launch which introduced and expanded on 5 key Pillars of UNICEF's work in the world. Sam was also instrumental in KIA's KIA DRIVE CHANGE Initiative two years running. She is a regular contributor to ELEVATE Magazine.