wet dry vacuum cleanerIf you’ve ever found yourself cleaning your floors and wondering if there was an easier or faster way to vacuum and mop, you’re going to love the latest wet dry vacuum cleaners. The benefits of a wet dry vacuum cleaners are numerous, with the most important being that they let you vacuum, wash your floors, and even clean your area rugs, all with one small appliance.

How does a wet dry vacuum cleaner work?

wet dry vacuum cleaner how it works

It might look just like a regular vacuum cleaner, but there’s no stopping you when you have a wet dry vacuum cleaner. Also known as all-in-one or multi-surface vacuum cleaners, these vacuums will suck up the dirt and dust on your floor, wet mop up the stains and debris on your floor, and even carpet clean your area rugs.

A wet dry vacuum cleaner is designed with a rotating brush generally created from materials like microfiber and nylon. That brush will pick up any dry dirt on your floor while switching seamlessly to scrubbing and mopping. Wet dry vacuum cleaners also have tanks to hold cleaning solution and dirty water, swivel steering, and fingertip control so you can easily switch tasks.

The benefits of having a wet dry vacuum cleaner

wet dry vacuum cleaner types of floor

More and more homes have a mix of flooring, and even more are opting for hardwood and area rugs over carpet. Because these blends of flooring are so common, every home owner can enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one vacuum cleaner.

The biggest benefits of a wet dry vacuum cleaner are time savings and versatility. You don’t have to take on the task of vacuuming and then go back over the same section of floor to mop it. Just tap on the handle of a wet dry vacuum and you can switch between both tasks.

Another benefit of a wet dry vacuum cleaner is the size of the vacuum. These types of vacuums are sleek and slender powerhouses, and often weigh less than a standard canister vacuum cleaner.

You can use a wet dry vacuum cleaner every day

every day uses wet dry vacuum cleaner

It’s the same story for everyone: you only have so much time to clean your floors, so you quickly take a vacuum cleaner and run it over the surface to pick up the dirt and debris. The problem? Your floors won’t be as clean as they could be if you also had the time to mop.

You can use a wet dry vacuum cleaner after breakfast when your kids spill milk, juice, or cereal on the floor. Instead of wiping the spot and hoping it’s not sticky, your wet dry vacuum cleaner will mop up the area, and if the spill was on an area rug, clean the carpet too.

A wet dry vacuum cleaner can take care food splatter if you accidentally drop something on the floor, or, if your dog knocks over a plant and spills dirt everywhere, vacuum up the dirt and then spot clean the floor or area rug to remove any extra debris.

What surfaces can you use a wet dry vacuum cleaner on?

A wet dry vacuum cleaner is the perfect vacuum for homes both large and small. You can safely use one on sealed hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet, rugs, linoleum, rubber floor mats, or pressed wood floors.

Because a wet dry vacuum cleaner is also a low flow carpet cleaner, you can safely use it on your area rugs without without soaking through to your wood floor underneath.

Maintaining your wet dry vacuum cleaner

maintaining wet dry vacuum cleaner

It’s not difficult to keep your wet dry vacuum cleaner in tip top shape. Every time you use it you should empty out the dirty water and cleaning solution reservoirs. If possible, remove all excess debris from the rotating brush, and ensure there are no plugs in the hoses leading to the water reservoirs.




A wet dry vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to save time cleaning your home. You can find a great selection of wet dry vacuum cleaners on Best Buy.



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