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Gone are the days when Mother’s Day meant getting mom some flowers, chocolates, and a mani/pedi gift certificate. Sure, all these items are still thoughtful and appreciated, but why not up the ante with a more unique gift for mom, and something she can use all year ’round?

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8 which means you’ll want to order early to make sure you get your gifts in time; or select items to pick up in store if you wait until the last minute. Before choosing, the first question to ask, however, is: what does mom like? Some moms are into fitness while others are TV nuts who love to curl up on the couch and binge-watch a favourite show. Others, meanwhile, are always on the go while some love tending to the home, which brings them joy.

Here, we’ll run through some gift ideas that will fit all these types of moms so you can find the perfect item to make her smile this Mother’s Day.

Samsung Galaxy tablet with S PenTech gifts for mom to stay connected

It’s important for moms to stay connected to family, extended family, colleagues, and friends.

She probably already has a smartphone, but what about a tablet? One can come in handy for watching videos, particularly while traveling (a bigger screen is always better), reading eBooks, sketching, taking notes, playing games, or just enjoying a second screen experience while watching TV. Whether yours is an Apple or Android household, there are plenty of options in both camps, with lots of deals to be had as well.

Google Nest smart display

Go another route with a handy smart display mom can use as a bedside table alarm clock that not only wakes her up in the mornings but can also report her daily calendar, weather, traffic, and other useful information, all via voice control. Or she can use it in the kitchen for recipe videos, music, and more.

Essentials for the home

There are all types of home essentials for mom you can consider whether your mom loves to garden, cook, or simply needs encouragement to rest and relax.

Hammock outdoors with built-in stand and wheels.

With Spring in full swing, why not grab mom a comfortable hammock to set up in the backyard for rest and relaxation in the sun as she tans, takes a nap, or catches up on a good book. Some come with a built-in stand if you don’t have trees handy to anchor each side to. This offers great support and allows you to set it up anywhere and move it around (some even have wheels!) to find the perfect spot.

massage chairFor inside, a comfortable massage chair will have her thanking you every time she sinks inside and enjoys the reclining and the remote control massage action. Some even come with built-in Bluetooth speakers to play back music from her smartphone and voice control for effortless operation.

For moms who love to garden but have limited opportunities outside due to space or weather patterns, consider a smart garden for growing fresh herbs, vegetables, and more right inside. Especially great for moms who wish they had a green thumb but could use a little help, these work with apps that guide you along the process, with reminders on when to change the water, prune, and check on the plants as they flourish.

Woman watering a smart garden in the kitchen

Consider a new small appliance for moms who love to cook, like an air fryer, multi cooker, or juicer. If she loves her espresso, consider a fancy coffee or espresso machine so she can get a premium café experience at home.

Breville Nespresso machine

For the “mom who has everything,” a waffle maker might be a fun new small appliance for her to try out when she hosts yummy Sunday morning brunches with the ladies, or feels like indulging for dessert. You can’t go wrong with Belgian style!

Dyson Airwrap Styler with woman

For something more personal that only mom will enjoy, look at high-end hair care products. Chances are that mom secretly covets something like the Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete Curling Iron but won’t justify grabbing it for herself. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to surprise and treat her with this premium hair care tool that will make getting ready for a night on the town effortless and have her looking and feeling her best. There are attachments to work on all lengths and types of hair.

One thing that mom is probably lacking is sleep, what with her busy schedule. Sleep tech will be appreciated, like a pair of sleep earbuds she can use to help her catch some ZZZs, minus any distractions. It might be a snoring partner or loud neighbours, or maybe she just loves listening to the soothing sounds of rustling leaves or a crackling fire to help her fall into a deep slumber.

Bose SleepBuds II noise masking sleep earbuds

I reviewed the Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds II truly wireless earbuds and loved the experience, how comfortable they are to wear, and the variety of sound options.

Entertainment gifts for mom

There are lots of great entertainment gifts you can get for mom that she can enjoy during downtime.

Samsung The Frame TV in the kitchen

Surprise her with a gorgeous new big screen TV for binge watching favourite shows. Stunning, design-conscious TVs like Samsung’s The Frame will appeal to moms who want the TV to add to the aesthetic in the room; you can display artwork when the TV is off so it looks like a painting.

If she’s into gaming, a new video game might make her smile, like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It can be great for de-stressing and blowing off steam after a long day.

Kobo Nia 6 e-reader

For moms who prefer quiet, solitary reading, an eReader loaded with books from her favourite authors, or titles she has been wanting to read, is both thoughtful and personal. She can store thousands of books in the handy device. Get one that is readable in direct sunlight, or a waterproof one she can use by the pool, at the beach, and take on vacation. Mom will appreciate the convenience and the space it saves at home once she gets rid of her book collection.

Garmin Lily ClassicHealth and fitness products mom will love

Health and fitness gifts are perfect for any mom who loves to exercise, is looking to live a healthier lifestyle, or might be considering making changes in the future.

The best gift for any mom who doesn’t have one already is a smartwatch or fitness and activity tracker. Even if she isn’t a health nut, per se, or works out every day, she’ll appreciate being able to stay on top of basic stats like daily steps, calories burned, sleep quality, heart rate, and more. Plus, she’ll love being able to get notifications from her Echelon exercise bikeconnected phone right on her wrist. Look for a stylish one that will suit a lady’s wrist and look good with any outfit, like the Garmin Lily Classic Edition.

For moms who are deep into exercising and fitness, a smart exercise bike might be the perfect addition to her workout space. With one that has a built-in screen or mount for a tablet or smartphone and comes with a trial fitness subscription or works with a specific app, she can be on the road to a healthier lifestyle in a heartbeat. She’ll love being able to go for a quick 30-minute cycle, or long and Ninja personal blendersteady ride while she watches the news or finishes up work calls.

I love my personal blender for quick and nutritious homemade smoothies and protein shakes. They are great for meal replacements when in a pinch for time, after-workout hydration and energy boosting, or in-between meal snacks. Personal blenders usually come with jars you can blend in then pop a lid on and go using the same cup.

Music is an important part of exercise: if I go for a walk or run, I always have my true wireless earbuds on, playing tunes to help me keep pace. Mom might also want to play audio meditations or other content to help her de-stress, inspire, and motivate. A good pair of sports-friendly headphones or earbuds will be the JBL true wireless earbudsperfect gift, since she can wear them at other times, too, like during commutes, travel, or even for video calls. Look for a pair with built-in noise cancellation, good battery life, sweat-proof design, and a secure fit; features like voice control are a plus for a seamless, hands-free experience.

What can you get for mom?

Whether the mom you’re buying for is your own mother, grandmother, wife, sibling, daughter, friend, co-worker, or someone else close to you, there’s a wide selection of great gifts for mom that will fit the bill. Think about what she would enjoy, order ahead or pick up in store, and go bold this year with something she’ll never expect.

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