Everyone needs a great blender in the kitchen. I think we can all agree how awesome blenders technology has become. Blenders used to be limited to adjustable settings for faster or slower blending. Things have changed a lot! The Ninja Chef DUO 1500-Watt Blender has Auto-iQ technology to enable one-touch blending of your favourite recipes. In addition it has a clean program that helps removed food residue from beneath the blades. Best of all: Best Buy is giving away 3 of these great blenders in this contest!

You will be blown away by the features of the Ninja Chef DUO. One of my pet-peeves with older blenders was the small jar: I could never make enough in one batch for my two children and myself. Problem solved since the Ninja has a huge 72 oz. blender pitcher. Okay, perhaps you don’t always need something big. Like if you’re creating your personal favourite smoothie—you don’t want to use a huge blender for that. Problem solved: the Ninja comes with a 24oz. slim high-speed blender cup.


What will you create first if you win a Ninja Blender

If I had the Ninja blender, I’d whip up a banana-strawberry smoothie like I used to when my kids were little, with one or two fresh banana and a cup of strawberries I had frozen in advance. My daughter loved this with a splash of milk back then, but now that she is vegan I would substitute cashew milk.

What is your favourite smoothie recipe? Perhaps you like to keep things simple like me, or do you like to experiment and mix it up?


You can only enter once for this contest. In a comment below, tell us what your favourite healthy smoothie recipe is. Include as much detail as we would need to create it ourselves. That is all there it to it!


At the end of the contest we will randomly draw 3 entries from all eligible comments on the blog. Each winner will receive a new Ninja Chef DUO.

The contest runs from December 11th until December 23rd.

Remember you can only enter once. Tell your friends and family so they too have a chance to win one of these great blenders.

Win a Ninja Chef DUO Blender contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck

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  1. Ice, Almond Milk, Berries, Greek Yogurt and Whey Protein – top with hemp hearts and chia seeds 🙂

  2. I am very happy to announce the 3 winners of the Ninja blender contest:

    Lawrence P. from Vancouver BC
    Ellen H. from Barrie ON
    Fiona L. from Toronto ON

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  3. I start with Keifer, frozen cherries, blueberries and banana. Hemp hearts and maybe a spoonful of a protein whey. mix in blender and enjoy.

  4. Frozen berries (any kinds), frozen peaches, yoghurt, almond milk and a bit of 5-Alive juice/lemon or orange juice to give the smoothie some tanginess.

  5. Here is my Fave Smoothie recipe that i make before school:
    Frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, frozen mango, orange juice, vanilla yogurt (must have a thick consistency), acai and a small slice of avocado. Because there is a lot of frozen substances used, the blender must be able to blend everything to perfection.

  6. Strawberry banana smoothie: a of strawberries (cut in half), 1 banana, 1 cup of almond milk, ice & a tablespoon of honey.

  7. I start with Keifer, frozen cherries, blueberries and banana. Hemp hearts and maybe a spoonful of a protein whey. So delicious and filling.

  8. i like 1 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1 banana, tbsp hemphearts,1 scoop protein powder.
    blend it up and wow a milkshake!

  9. frozen banana, peanut butter, almond milk, honey. If you are feeling like being a little less healthy and a little more decadent, remove the honey and add some nutella!

  10. Frozen wild blueberries, goat’s milk, kefir yogurt, little bit of blueberry syrup, maybe a banana or a half o fone, I measure nothing.

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