In the world of small kitchen appliances, a stand mixer is like a cooking buddy that makes your dreams of mixing and kneading feel like a magical show in the kitchen. As we dive into the holiday season, we’re thrilled to giveaway a new KitchenAid Professional bowl-lift stand mixer and the divine Pasta roller and cutter attachment to one lucky winner! I love using kitchen appliances and this is exactly what I’ve been wishing for in my cooking adventures. The simple joy of seeing ingredients seamlessly blend together, effortlessly whipped into perfection, is a dream come true. But I can’t enter the contest. You can. So, enter this amazing contest to elevate your kitchen game and spread the magic of your delicious creations.

KitchenAid Professional stand mixer: your holiday culinary maestro

Imagine the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies filling the air, the happy sounds coming from the kitchen, and the amazing KitchenAid Professional stand mixer standing proudly as your kitchen helper. From kneading dough for breads and cookies to effortlessly whipping up fluffy mashed potatoes, and even creating heavenly whipped cream and frostings for cupcakes, this machine can make your kitchen a place of fun and creativity. Its powerful performance and sturdy construction make it an indispensable companion during the holidays and beyond, ensuring that your cooking adventures are not only delicious but also a celebration of your favourite flavours.


As the festive season unfolds, so does the desire for unique, homemade delights. And the pasta roller and cutter attachments are an exquisite addition to your KitchenAid arsenal. You can effortlessly roll out silky sheets of pasta, ready to be transformed into mouthwatering dishes that will captivate your guests. From spaghetti and fettuccine to lasagna sheets, the possibilities are endless. You can make your homemade pasta even more enjoyable by getting your kids and other family members to join in the fun!

KitchenAid’s Professional stand mixer and pasta attachments in action

In Shelley’s review video below, she demonstrates the stand mixer’s powerful performance, seamlessly handling tasks from kneading dough to creating different types of pasta. Check out her full review to learn more about these tools and gain a firsthand look at the efficiency and joy these KitchenAid companions can bring to your kitchen.

Ah, the dream of owning a stand mixer! If I had one, I’d dive into the world of baking with even more enthusiasm. And the first thing I’d make using a stand mixer is chocolate chip cookies. From the satisfying hum of the mixer to the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked cookies, it’s that delightful journey I wish to cherish.

Are you excited to transform your cooking journey? This contest beckons you to share your most delightful holiday recipes and stories in the comments below. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a dash of magic to your holidays—enter now and let the cooking adventures begin!

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in five different ways.

  1. In a comment below, share a special cooking story that captures the spirit of the season. Whether it’s a cherished family tradition or a delightful twist on a classic dish, we want to hear about the delicious magic happening in your kitchen.
  2. In a comment below Shelly’s review article, tell us one KitchenAid stand mixer attachment you think would be most useful for your family and why.
  3. For up to two (2) additional entries, create a public post on a social media channel (one entry per channel!) sharing a photo or short video showcasing your culinary creation with your friends and followers; that you are entering a Best Buy Blog contest for a chance to win an amazing KitchenAid stand mixer and pasta attachment; include the hashtag #BestBuyKitchenAidContest, so we can find your post. Then return here and tell us in a comment below on which channel you posted it and the name of your channel (since many people use pseudonyms) so that we can check and verify your entry. You can use any social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.), but the post must be public so we can verify it is there.
  4. BONUS ENTRY: Many of us are visiting Best Buy stores this holiday season. While you are there, take a photo of any kitchenAid product or of the new KitchenAid display and send it to us at for a bonus entry! We’ll post some of those images here in an image gallery after the contest.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one winner from all valid entries to receive a new KitchenAid Professional bowl-lift stand mixer and KitchenAid pasta roller & cutter attachment.

This contest runs from Nov 24th to Dec 8th.

Remember you can enter in five different ways as described above. Share this contest with your friends and family and let them join the adventure. The more, the merrier—think of the delightful creations, shared recipes, and kitchen stories we can all exchange. Enter, share, and embark on this delicious journey with your loved ones!

Good Luck.

Bhupinder is a senior editor and a collaborative team player at Best Buy Canada. She is passionate about creating consistent digital experiences with her writing, editing, analytics, and project management skills. Other than that, she loves to cook authentic Indian recipes for friends and family.


  1. Every year at Christmas I make cookies and delights for my friends who are not able to celebrate Christmas with their families

  2. My Mom always bakes with the girls .. it not only teaches them how to bake … also the traditional baking to share with generations to come.

  3. my mom & I love to make holiday cookies for friends & family in our lift. we spend months collecting containers, tins, and more leading up to the holidays so that we can be more sustainable. I even found a tin in a local tiny library! we love baking together our the holidays.

  4. I love to bake Christmas cookies and give them out to all my coworkers as a Christmas gift. I make many different kinds and put them all together in a cute gift box and it always brings smiles to everyone’s faces

  5. Being there when a Christmas tradition starts, many years ago, my sister brought meatballs for Christmas dinner to go with all the other foods. I and others loved em and ever since she has been doing her ” Christmas balls “

  6. In our happy kitchen, the big mixer broke while making cookies. But we didn’t give up. We mixed the dough by hand, turning a problem into a fun time together. The oven showed us yummy gingerbread cookies, proving that even a broken mixer couldn’t spoil our holiday cheer.

  7. I remember as a kid helping my mom make cookies during this time of year. she would roll out the dough, and I would sneak chocolate chips to nibble on!

  8. Generations blend in a festive kitchen, crafting gingerbread tales. Twinkling lights, laughter, and shared recipes weave magic, turning cookies into edible love notes of seasonal joy.

  9. We are always making banana breads during Christmas season. This is what we give our guests to take home when they come over during the holidays for a visit.

  10. My mom always uses her kitchen aid to make nice Christmas baking . I would love to get her a new attachment for it .

  11. All the huge family gatherings which my grandparents would host us all, my granny would use her mixer to make chocolate as well as banana cake , the loaded tables of food and the ladies doing dishes while the guys slept it off hahaha cherished memories. I sure miss those days of getting together.

  12. Going to parties to learn hosts’ favourite food and how to make them is always a pleasure. That is how I learnt cooking in the first place.

  13. we always make homemade buns and breads through the holiday season the whole place smells wonderful from the sweet and savoury aromas

  14. In the cozy warmth of the kitchen, aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg danced in the air as family and friends gathered, sharing laughter and creating a special feast that embodied the enchanting spirit of the season.

  15. Every Christmas I make a broccoli casserole to go with our turkey dinner. It was my sister’s recipe that she often brought to potluck. My sister passed away 36 years ago at the very young age of 26. This is my way of honoring her memory and ensuring her spirit continues to be with us especially for the holidays!

  16. My mom always baked her mom’s christmas cookie recipes, and although I never met my grandmother I continue baking my grandmother’s christmas recipes in her honour (and they are delicious too).

  17. At this time of the year we make italian cookies and a lot of pasta which we enjoy sharing with family and friends. It brings our family closer together!!

  18. We baked Christmas cookies with traditional recipes we only used at the holidays with my mom when we were little and now that she is passed and my children are grown the back cookies using same recipes . Alot of laughs some tears and many pleasant memories

  19. My mother’s pecan turkey stuffing…it was wonderful and a family tradition at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  20. Every year, we make a batch of Fried Sweet Peanut Dumplings to celebrate New Year. We always make so much of it, we give out tins of them to friends 🙂

  21. Every Christmas I make a family tradition recipe of sugar cookies. often I would make them at my Dad’s house. when some of the cookies would come out burnt, my Dad would say “that’s okay I like them crunchy”.

  22. I make dozens and dozens of cookies every year to give as Christmas presents to family, friends, neighbors, teammates and people who have helped us over the past year. I love receiving homemade gifts from others and hope they feel the love I have for them whenever they bite into a cookie I made with them in mind.

  23. my greek grandmother would always want me beside her when cooking and baking all the delicious wonderful foods of our heritage. we had so much fun and laughter and bonding during the holidays, having her years by my side, teaching and nurturing me as a child, to become a good adult and to help me learn how to cook the delacies that are Greek. I continue this legacy with my daughter to date. I miss my caring grandmother and thank her from my heart all the time she spent with me and teaching me all she know about being Greek! 😉

  24. I started making homemade turtles for Christmas giving to friends and family.. They are delicious but a lot of work and it stopped when I broke my candy thermometer. Now that I have a thermometer again, I’m back at it.

  25. My Mother would bake weeks ahead and store the goodies in a cold cellar in the country.DO NOT TOUCH ok I just went down to smell! One Christmas my cousins switched the adult rum balls for the kids and we had a warm fun time playing in the snow that year!!!! I miss those goodies and still try to replicate!!!

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