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De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee machine review

Delonghi truebrew review

I can’t imagine not having coffee first thing in the morning. While I’ve always loved having a single-serve brewer to make a quick cup, after testing out the De’Longhi TrueBrew automatic coffee machine I think I’m switching back to a drip coffee machine. It has a built-in burr grinder, can make up to 40 oz. of coffee in the included carafe, works as a single-serve brewer, and can even make a delicious shot of espresso.

Here’s a look at the De’Longhi TrueBrew automatic coffee machine.

Features of De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee machine

The De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee machine is an automatic coffee machine that includes a stainless steel carafe. Despite having a built-in burr grinder, this coffee machine is pretty compact, measuring just 12 inches (30.5 cm) in width, 15.79 inches (40.1 cm) in height, and 15 inches (38.1 cm) in depth.

  • Built-in burr grinder with proprietary Bean Extract Technology grinds beans for each cup of coffee you make
  • Brews 6 sizes including 3, 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 oz. cups as well as a 40 oz. carafe
  • 5 brew styles including Light, Gold, Bold, Espresso-Style or Over-Ice
  • Built-in Clock and Auto-On functions turn the coffee maker on in the morning
  • You can use whole beans or ground coffee
  • Adjustable grind size lets you enjoy different types of coffee
  • Uses an aluminum/stainless steel thermoblock system to speed up heating and keep water hot
  • Built-in auto-clean feature will collect used grounds and make them into disposable pucks
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours

Using the De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee machine

There are so many different ways to make coffee with the De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee machine. It replaces the need for a single serve coffee machine, and it can replace an espresso machine if you don’t mind picking up your own milk frother. This coffee maker looks like a traditional automatic coffee maker, but it has a thermoblock system that speeds up water heating and keeps the water temperature even.

Built-in burr grinder with Bean Extract Technology

I like the versatility of the De’Longhi TrueBrew. Not only can you use fresh coffee beans, but it will grind them precisely for every cup of coffee you make. You can add beans to the hopper on top of the coffee maker and it will store them and grind them whenever you brew coffee. If you’d rather use ground coffee you can place that in the machine as well. Ground coffee only works with certain types of brewing, but you can grind beans for all cups you make with the De’Longhi TrueBrew.

I didn’t have any ground coffee on hand so I stuck with using my own beans. I love having a built-in burr grinder. Every cup tastes very fresh and flavourful. I also like how clean up is effortless because the ground beans are pushed into a storage container and you can just remove and dispose of them. The grinds are made into small discs that are the perfect size for a small composter.

You can choose different brew strengths including Light, Gold, and Bold for brewed coffee. I like light to medium roast for the most part and I found the light brew worked best for me.

Multiple cup sizes

I love a coffee maker with multiple cup sizes, and the De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee maker has more than any automatic coffee maker or espresso machine I’ve tried. You can make 6 sizes including 3, 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 oz. cups. The 3 ounce size is perfect for a shot of espresso, and a nice little shelf folds down to hold your espresso cup. I made a few shots of espresso with espresso beans and was so impressed with how this automatic coffee maker produced such a great shot. It was hot and had a layer of crema on top just like my espresso machine makes. The shot was delicious.

Fresh, hot coffee all day

I mostly used the De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee maker to make single cups of coffee, and I’m not sure I could ever go back to a single serve brewer after making coffee in this coffee maker. It makes such a difference when your cup is made with freshly ground beans.

For me, one of the best parts is that this coffee maker eliminates the need for disposable coffee pods. You can brew a single 12 ounce cup almost as quickly as you would in a single serve brewer. It’s even better since the coffee is made with freshly ground beans.

The water is quite hot too. After I brewed a cup I took a temperature reading on the coffee and it was a toasty 130 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Stainless steel carafe makes coffee for a crowd

The De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee maker includes a stainless steel carafe that seals tightly to keep your coffee hot for longer. It takes a bit longer to make a 40 oz. pot of coffee because the coffee maker makes it in batches. It grounds up the coffee beans and brews the coffee in 3 batches. For me, when it was done I was able to take the coffee pot and keep it on the table. As long as you keep the lid tightly sealed the coffee in the pot stays hot for hours.

I’m more of a cup-at-a-time coffee drinker, but it’s nice to have the option to make a big pot when you want one.

Should you choose the De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee maker?

I’ve used a single serve brewer and an espresso machine for so long that I wouldn’t have thought I could go back to an automatic coffee maker, but I could if that coffee maker was the De’Longhi TrueBrew. There are so many options on this coffee maker, and it has auto-on so it will automatically turn on in the morning. It won’t brew your coffee until you’ve made a selection, but the coffee maker will be hot and ready to brew when you wake up.

I think the De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee maker is a great addition to my countertop, and it can even reduce counter clutter because it replaces two types of coffee maker with one compact machine. You can find the De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee maker at Best Buy.

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