Breville the smoothwave microwave holiday 2020

I’ve upgraded a lot of appliances over the past year, and the upgrade that made the biggest impact on myself and my family has been the microwave. After using an older model for the better part of five years, having a new microwave has been a lifesaver. After reviewing it here on the blog, I choose to bring home the Breville the Smooth Wave Microwave. It’s my pick for Day 9 of our 12 Days of Christmas series.

Breville the Smooth Wave (BMO850BSS1BCA1) Countertop microwave isn’t the biggest microwave you can choose, but you’d never know that from the roomy interior. I love the shortcuts for melting chocolate, making bacon, and softening butter, but my favourite feature has to be the soft close door.

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Day 9 is Breville the Smooth Wave Microwave

A microwave is a microwave is a microwave, right? Not in the case of the Breville the Smooth Wave Microwave. While some microwaves function mostly to reheat last night’s dinner and defrost chicken breast, this microwave is designed to cook, melt, bake, and more.

The 1.2 cu. ft. capacity is large enough for a dinner plate or casserole dish and it has a 12.4-inch glass turntable and 1200W of power.

Sensor iQ technology sets the cooking time for you


There are three main buttons and a dial to help you choose the best way to cook your food. You can tap Smart Cook, Smart Reheat, and Smart Defrost depending on what you are cooking. With Smart Cook, Sensor iQ technology will measure the humidity released from your food and automatically calculate the cooking time for you.

You can place a bowl of soup or a plate of leftovers in your microwave, tap Smart Cook or Smart Reheat, and walk away. When the timer sounds your food is perfectly hot and ready to eat. You don’t have to stir it midway unless you want to, and I’ve never had food come out too cold or too hot. You get even results every time.

15 one-touch auto settings melt butter and cook bacon

When you open the door of the Breville the Smooth Wave Microwave you’ll see different pre-sets. You can tap these pre-sets so you can do everything from melt butter, melt chocolate, reheat a mug of coffee, or heat up a piece of pizza.

Soft-close door and Breville sound suite

Breville the Smooth Wave Microwave

You know that jarring sound a microwave door can make when you slam it shut? I don’t normally close the door with any amount of force, but my kids always do. It never failed to make me jump when I’d hear it. That’s one of the many reasons why I love the Breville the SmoothWave Microwave. It has a soft-close door so it glides closed and shuts with a small click.

There is a sound suite built into this microwave so you can turn the notification beeps louder or have them run quietly. You can also choose to turn them off completely.

Ever since I brought the Breville the Smooth Wave Microwave home I’ve used my microwave for so many different dishes. It’s much more than an appliance that reheats food, and I cook with it so much more than I did with my older microwave.

You can find the Breville the Smooth Wave Microwave right now on Best Buy, and be sure to take a look at all of our editor picks for the 12 Days of Christmas gifts. Happy Holidays!

Shelly Wutke
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  1. It is time for a new microwave in this house….I wonder if you can bake a cake in the Breville the smooth wave microwave!?

  2. We would love to have a microwave like this! Our existing one is on it’s last legs. A Breville Smooth Wave Microwave sounds incredible!

  3. I love the Sensor iQ technology that sets the cooking time for you. I’m terrible at gauging the time when microwaving any food haha

  4. Wow this sounds amazing. It would be nice to get rid of our old microwave and use this one. Our old one is so noisy when being used it sounds like it’s going to explode everytime we use it.

  5. The Breville smooth wave microwave has a lot of neat features, such as presets to cook different things and a self close door.

  6. This microwave would compliment my toaster and I know it would last a long time because Beeville is a great company.

  7. If I had this microwave, it would match my slow close cabinets. Im so over the slamming sound of the microwave we have

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