Blow drying hair guideI’m a firm believer in the idea that every hair tool should be three things: effective, stylish, and gentle. The Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer (EH-NA67) achieves all three, with a sparkling white-and-silver body and gentle settings that let you create long-lasting hairstyles without damaging your hair.

This simple hair dryer allows me to dry and style my hair in less than 10 minutes (which depends on the length and density of your hair), and its chic design looks great sitting in my bathroom organizer.

What’s in the box of the Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer?

In the box of the Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer, you’ll find a sleek, beautiful hair dryer that’s designed to reduce heat damage and give you smooth, healthy locks. It uses negative ion technology to dry your hair and comes with an oscillating quick dry nozzle, a concentrator nozzle for styling, and a diffuser for curly or wavy hair.

On the body of the Nanoe, you’ll find separate heat and intensity settings (hot, warm, and cool, plus high, low, and off) as well as a cool shot button and ring for hanging it on the wall. You’ll also find an easily detachable intake filter, which I really like. It’s just as important to clean the intake filters on your hair dryers as it is to clean the lint trap in your clothes dryers if you want things to keep working like new!

Panasonic Nanoe attachments review

Why does overheating matter in a hair dryer?

Panasonic is really prioritizing the prevention of over-drying and heat damage with the Nanoe, and it’s easy to understand why.

Simply put, overheated hair is unhealthy hair. Think of hot tools (things like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons) as ovens for your hair. If they’re used on the right settings, they create beautiful results—but if you burn your “dish” in the oven, you can’t un-burn it. In the kitchen, using too high of a heat setting means that your vegetables might come out charred instead of caramelized. In the hair salon, going too hot means that your hair might become overly fragile or dry with continued use.

All hot tools create some amount of damage to the hair shaft, but minuscule amounts really don’t influence the texture or condition of your hair. To keep your hair looking and feeling soft, bouncy, and healthy, it’s important to use tools that won’t get too hot—and to use heat protectant on your hair before using hot tools.

Panasonic Nanoe features

How I recommend using the Panasonic Nanoe

The Panasonic Nanoe is great because it features a self-oscillating quick dry nozzle with limited range of motion. As this hair dryer body blows out hot or warm air, the oscillating nozzle wobbles and rotates slightly to distribute that air more evenly. I loved working with this exact nozzle because it moves just the right amount—not so much that I felt like my hair was just getting blown around wildly, but enough that I wasn’t feeling any “hot spots” on my scalp or hair strands.

To style or blow dry your hair with the Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer, I recommend towel-drying your hair first. Squeeze out as much moisture as possible so that you can reduce your drying time, then apply a heat protectant or moisturizing styling product with heat protectant properties. If you’re worried about rough or dry hair texture (like I am, with my bleached highlights), use a treatment or conditioner in the shower as well to smooth out the cuticle of your hair.

Then, start with the Nanoe using its oscillating quick-dry nozzle. It’ll help to quickly dry your hair most of the way; then, when your entire head is damp-dry, you can switch to a different dryer attachment to style your hair.

Panasonic Nanoe oscillating attachment

How does heat styling work?

Each strand of hair on your head is made of hard keratin, which grows from follicles in your scalp. The shape of your follicles determines the texture of your hair, which is pretty wild—if you have round follicles, you’ll have straight hair, but if you have flattened follicles, your hair will come out curly! The shape of your follicles can’t be changed, but the texture of your hair can be altered.

One way to alter the texture of your hair is by relaxing and reforming the disulphide bonds in each strand of hair, which is what happens when you go to the salon for a treatment like a perm.

However, the other way to do that is to simply apply water! Water and heat relax the hydrogen bonds in your hair shaft, which re-bond when the hair dries or cools. That’s why your hair loses its heat-, shape-, or wet-style every time you wash it. It’s also why accessories like the Nanoe’s oscillating nozzle are so handy. Your hair can’t hold a new shape until it’s cool and dry due to those hydrogen bonds relaxing and reforming, so getting it mostly dry before styling saves you lots of time when blowing out your hair.

Once your hair is damp-dry, you can use something like Panasonic’s concentrator nozzle (the flat, purple nozzle) to direct the air where you want it. This makes it easy to add root lift, blow out any kinks or curls, or add waves and shape to your hair. I recommend blow drying down the hair shaft using the concentrator for a smoother result, then finishing each section by pressing down on Panasonic’s handy cool-shot button so that you don’t lose any of your hair’s shape as it cools.

Panasonic Nanoe review head

Is the Panasonic Nanoe right for you?

If you’re looking for a basic blow dryer that works well and is easy to use, this one might just be right for you. I’ve also reviewed the Panasonic Nanoe in black and burgundy, and the two models function the same. However, the new, sleek finish of the EH-NA67 (in white, featured here) sets it apart just a little bit for me.

While the Nanoe is still slightly on the heavier side, the matte black version is 20.6 oz. while this one is 17.6 oz. The new model has the same swivel cord and hook that I loved the first time around, but the new, glossy finish steps things up for me. It’s a little easier to keep clean, which is handy when you know you’ll be using product in your hair every time. (Or at least when you know that you should be using product every time before heat-treating your hair!)

Overall, I thought the Panasonic Nanoe was an excellent hair dryer. It heats up quickly, switches to cold air at the touch of a button, and comes with three high-quality attachments.

Shop the Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer (EH-NA67) online at Best Buy. 

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  1. The most disastrous hairstyle I had was in High School when I tried dying my hair blonde & it turned my hair bright carrot orange. I also permed my hair & left it on too long so my hair was so damaged my hair was frizzy & crispy. When I combed my hair patches of it broke off. I looked like a balding clown.

  2. My hair is thick so towel drying first is a must. The oscillating quick dry nozzle sounds great for preventing the heat blasting on one section too long.

  3. Self oscillating dry nozzle prevents hair from over drying. The worst was a perm for me at a very young age! Mom thought it would be cute!

  4. I had a ‘step’ – shaved in the lower section and streaked blonde on top…..not a good look! :/

  5. As a young teen many many years ago I had my first perm which was so curly I looked like a brillo pad. Fortunately, the perm grew out and went back to my straight hair look which in time I grew to love with the help of hair products.

    The Panasonic Nanoe 1875 Watts Hair Dryer (EHNA67) self-oscillating quick dry nozzle prevents the hair from over drying.

  6. Rae discusses the Panasonic Nanoe being great because it features a self-oscillating quick dry nozzle with limited range of motion.

  7. Rae tells us about the different heat settings the Panasonic Nanoe has, and most importantly tells us about the amazing feature of a self-oscillating quick dry nozzle that has a limited range of motion. So, as the hair dryer blows out hot or warm air, the oscillating nozzle wobbles and rotates slightly to distribute the air more evenly. This prevents hot spots or over-drying the hair. Healthy hair is happy hair! Seriously the features of the Panasonic Nanoe really blow me away! Too much?

  8. According to the article It is important to use tools that won’t get too hot—and to use heat protectant on your hair before using hot tools.

  9. The various heat settings as well as the self-oscillating quick dry nozzle with limited range of motion The oscillating nozzle wobbles and rotates & distributes the heat more evenly. Heat spray also helps protect your air…

  10. This dryer prevents of over-drying and heat damage with the Nanoe technology. Plainly said, it uses the self-oscillating quick dry nozzle to distribute the heat evenly

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