I have a confession to make – laundry is the bane of my existence. And while I’d like to think that my distaste is deep seeded in some traumatic childhood experience like my older brother locking me in a dryer, or that I’d loathe the chore in the very best of conditions, I’m pretty sure my disdain stems from 20 years of doing laundry in communal facilities in the dank basements of the various apartment buildings I’ve called home. Let’s just say that quality machines are not exactly a landlord’s priority. So that’s why, while some covet a white picket fence and a lush yard, for me, a quality washer and dryer, like those from appliance giant GE, are the epitome of happily ever after.

Ok, perhaps that’s a stretch, but to have in-suite laundry facilities that do not make your towels smell like your neighbours’ dirty hockey gear … well, that’s the dream! So, from a “have not,” here are some GE models that are more than worthy of consideration.

GE 27” 4.3 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer (GTAP1800DWW)

This top-load washing machine is specifically designed to be easy to use. It offers three wash and rinse temperatures, 12 wash cycles, and two wash and spin speed combos that can be matched to different types of fabric, so you can be sure that your delicates stay delicate and your not so delicates get the deep clean they need.

This model also comes equipped with a Super-Capacity ExtrAction Wash Basket, which has a ribbed design to increase surface area and squeeze more water from your clothes during the spin cycle. What does that mean? No more reaching into the wash to retrieve still sopping clothing … your clothes will need less time in the dryer; and that means you’ll need to spend less money on your electricity bill.

GE 27” 4.5 Cu. Ft. Top Load ENERGY STAR Washer (GTAN4250DWW)

With an extra .2 cubit feet, this model will allow you to wash more clothes and linens in fewer loads than the GTAP1800DWW. It also features 13 wash cycles and three temperature options so you can customize your wash to suit your various needs. Customization goes even further with additional features like PreciseFill, which ensures that the optimal amount of water is used for every load, and PerfecTemp, which adjusts incoming hot and cold water levels to ensure that your clothing is cleaned at the ideal temperature level.

GE 27” 4.5 Cu. Ft. Top Load ENERGY STAR Washer (GTAN5250DWW)

This washer comes equipped with all the features of the GTAN4250DWW model, including GE’s HydroWave Wash System that gently and effectively cleans your clothing with its 360-degree arc wash motion, and RainShower System, which gives each load three showers to effectively clean while conserving water consumption at the same time. The differentiating feature is its Autobalance Suspension System, which ensures your machine will not recreate that fantastic scene from the 80’s film Mr. Mom where the washing machine takes on a life of it’s own as if possessed by an alternate being. Instead, your washer will remain quite and still through the entire wash cycle.

GE 27” 6.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer (GTMX180EDWW)

With its 6.0 cubic foot capacity, this relatively inexpensive dryer makes quick work out of your wet laundry while keeping wrinkles to a minimum. And with six cycles – Cottons, Permanent Press, Timed Dry, Regular, Delicates, and No-Heat/Fluff –it’s DuraDrum interior, which is resistant to wear and tear, and a galvanized steel interior, which is resistant to corrosion, you can be sure you’ve got a partner for your washer that will step up whenever needed.

GE 27” 7 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer (GTMP280EDWW)

With an extra cubic foot of capacity, this GE dryer can easily tackle larger jobs like duvet covers or bedspreads. It also comes equipped with all the features of the GTMX180EDWW model, plus has and amazing feature called Wrinkle Care Extended Tumble, which helps remove creasing … and if you’re anything like me and absolutely detest ironing, this feature is an absolute must have.

GE 27” Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer (GTMP520EDWW)

With its eight cycles and five heat options, drying your clothes is kindergarten easy with this GE dryer. Making it easier still is its My Settings function that allows you to program and recall your favourite drying settings with the push of a single button. This bad boy also comes with HE SensorDry that monitors moisture and temperature levels to prevent undue wear and tear on your clothing due to over-drying and inconsistent heat, which is absolutely fantastic for those of us who tend to wear and wash the same clothes over and over again.

The other fantastic feature of this model is QuickFluff, which gives your clothing a little refresher in just a few minutes with no heat at all – perfect for when you’re running out the door but still want to look as fabulous as possible.

To learn more about the features of each of these washers and dryers, check them out at BestBuy.ca.


Stacey McGregor
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