As someone who spent two years of college without a dishwasher and the other two years with one that was leaky and useless, I fully understand the importance of having a good-quality dishwasher! So if you’re
spending more time cleaning up after your dishwasher then it spends washing your dishes, it may be time to think about investing in a new one! When choosing a dishwasher, it is important to think about the price point, features you want and capacity you need. Bosch has a dishwasher that is guaranteed to fulfill all your cleaning and time-saving needs!

If you are looking for a simple, no nonsense model I would recommend the Bosch 23.2” Built-in Dishwasher. As with many dishwashers, this unit cleans dishes using two jet systems attached to the bottom of each rack and the water used for this process is stored in a reservoir at the bottom of the unit. Depending which of the five wash cycles you choose, this Bosch unit has the capacity to clean up to 14 place settings and will automatically modify the water pressure to ensure the most efficient cleaning every time. The selection of wash cycles includes Express Wash, which will complete a load in 30 minutes or less, and Sanitize, which will clean dishes at a high enough temperature to eliminate bacteria. I also like that this unit has a Remaining Time Display so you know how long you have before your dishes are done! Safety features include Overflow Leak Protection and a self-latching door and the 3-6-9 hour delay start timer lets you wash your dishes around your schedule. Dealing with an open plan living space? Since nothing’s worse than a loud dishwasher, this unit only clocks in at 50 decibels during a cycle to ensure you have uninterrupted quiet…from your dishwasher at least! Lastly, this Bosch unit exceeds Energy Star requirements by saving up to 280 gallons of water a year.

If you think two racks may not be enough, a bigger unit such as the Bosch 23.6” Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher may be a better option. This model has a tall tub design, meaning that the water reservoir I mentioned above has been eliminated to increase the amount of space within the unit. This allows for an additional third rack, which results in a 16 place setting capacity. This rack system also has RackMatic, which allows you to adjust the rack’s position when packing awkward pots and pans. There are five cycle options, including the Sanitize and Express wash cycles mentioned above and an ExtraShine option to enhance the shine and drying of your dishes. The detergent tray is also designed to optimize detergent dissolving and the AquaStop system will protect you from unwanted leaks. At 259kwh/yr, this unit is Energy Star approved and the HalfLoad option will avoid wasted water when cleaning smaller loads. Lastly, this is the quietest model available at 44 decibels.

Though Bosch originally began in the automotive industry, they have been making kitchen appliances since 1933. In the close to century that they have been making appliances, they have established themselves as one of the most innovative and high-quality brands in the world. We are pleased to now be offering a selection of Bosch dishwashers at Best Buy. We have a dishwashers ranging from small, simple units to more feature focused units with a larger capacity that are guaranteed to suit any kitchen and lifestyle!

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Lucy Woodhead
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