Samsung BESPOKE fridge

A refrigerator that grows with you? With growing families or kids growing up and moving out on their own, there’s never been a better time for the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator. Just announced at CES2020, this colourful refrigerator comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations.

Introducing Samsung BESPOKE

If you’ve ever thought that the same-old, same-old stainless steel refrigerator wasn’t for you, you need to take a look at Samsung BESPOKE. It’s part of a new category of customized home appliances from Samsung, and you can choose your size, add another compartment if you need more space, choose your favourite colour and finish, and even customize the functions.

Fits into any kitchen

Samsung BESPOKE fridge

Homes are getting smaller, but just because space is an issue doesn’t mean you can’t have your refrigerator of choice. With a Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator, you can choose your own configuration and size to fit perfectly into space you have available.

The BESPOKE lineup has 8 sizes including 4-door freestanding, 2-door BMP with an upper refrigerator and lower freezer, and 1-door refrigerator or 1-door freezer. If you choose a 1-door or 2-door unit, you can always add another section when you have more space or if you need more storage.

BESPOKE grows with you

If you live alone or as a couple now and you just need a simple two-door refrigerator, Samsung BESPOKE has you covered. But what if you move into a bigger house, have a few kids, or you just need more space?

With Samsung BESPOKE you can add sections as you need them. Already have a two-door model? Add another and create a 4-door unit. Need a full-size freezer? Just add one to either size and enjoy more space for frozen goods. You can even choose two separate full-size refrigerators to keep certain kinds of food separate.

No matter what age or stage your family is, Samsung BESPOKE will grow with you.

Pick your favourite BESPOKE colour

Samsung BESPOKE fridge colours

One of the best parts of the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator is the colour options. You can choose everything from red, yellow, navy, and glam pink. With a 9-strong color range, you can mix and match as you add sections to your refrigerator. There are even three different refrigerator door texture options. With a BESPOKE refrigerator, your kitchen style will never be boring.

Refrigerator or freezer? Flex Zone lets you decide

No matter what size your family, it can be difficult to juggle space in your refrigerator. When you have a gathering of friends coming over, you’re storing food for an upcoming birthday party or holiday, or you’ve bought a lot of perishables you’d like to freeze, it can be hard to squeeze everything in. With Samsung BESPOKE you have the power to choose how you use the compartments.

With Flex Zone you can decide whether you use the compartment as a fridge or as a freezer. With that flexibility, you can seamlessly switch your compartment based on need. If it’s berry season and you want to freeze and store fruit or you’ve stocked up on pre-made dinners for the family, having a Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator means you’ll always be organized and have enough space.

Samsung BESPOKE means you never have to outgrow your refrigerator. Keep an eye out for more on the Samsung appliances announced at CES 2020.

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