There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to shopping for a new kitchen range.

Whether you’re  looking for electric or gas, you’re a sophisticated chef or simple cook, or you’ve got a large or small budget, LG Canada has got the ranges to suit your kitchen.


Gas vs. Electric

There is an ongoing debate between which is the better range to cook with: Gas or electric. Both have their strength and weaknesses. Gas gives you an instant, constant flame that is easily adjusted by looking at the size of the flame.

With the LG LRG3095ST Gas Range, you get superboil burners that produce a consistent, even heat along the bottom and sides of the pan. It’s easier to control the results particularly when you have a five sealed cooktop burners including a left front burner at 12000 BTU and a superboil right front burner at 17000 BTU.

The Intuitouch control panel gives you maximum control over both the burners and the convection oven system. The LRG3095ST Gas Range 5.4 cu. ft. convection oven with EvenJet fans system gives you the ideal temperature and airflow for accurate preheating and cooking in the oven. The only downside to this gas range is the set-up costs. However, if you are already heating with natural gas, installation will be easy and you will have lower energy costs using the LRG3095ST Gas Range.

The LG electric ranges are less expensive to install and easier to operate. You’ll find the LG LRE6383S freestanding electric range a breeze to clean up with its sleek, glass cooktop – way easier to wipe down than the old-fashioned burner rings. It’s got four radiant burners (Left Front 6/9 Inches 1400/3200 W; Right Front 9 Inches 2500 W; Left Rear 6 Inches 1200 W; Right Rear 6 Inches 1200 W; Centre 7 Inches 100 W) that offer a stable surface for pots and pans plus 100-watt centre warming zone to keep food hot.

The  LRE6383S’s 6.3-cubic-foot convection oven gives you plenty of space you need to cook multiple dishes at the same time, with fast preheat times and even baking and roasting results. The downside is that electric ranges are slower to heat up and cool down so you lose some control. And of course, if your electricity goes out you can’t cook anything. You’ll find the LRE6383S a smooth and elegant range to use for baking, roasting, frying or cooking.

Induction vs. Radiant range tops

Most of the electric ranges on the LG line have the smooth, flat tops with the burners located beneath with the circles drawn or etched into the glass or ceramic. The difference lies with the heating element below the surface for two types of burners: Induction or Radiant. Induction uses an electromagnetic energy to heat up your cookware while the surface of the stove stays cool to the touch. The problem with induction is price and the need for specialty cookware that is only iron or steel with a smooth flat-bottom.

Radiant elements are more closely related to the classic coil burner. The LG LSE3090ST Smooth Top Range is an elegant performer with four radiant 3,200-wattcooking elements that transfer heat through the solid surface, making them 12% more efficient. You won’t need any specialty cookware and can use your glass, cast iron, stainless steel or copper on this range. The left side of the IntuiTouch control system mirrors the cooktop elements, while the right controls the oven. The LSE3090ST also has a true 5.4 cu ft. convection oven with two fans and two-built in heating elements so better heat distribution and faster preheat time. The super-sized window makes it easier to view what’s cooking.

Conventional  vs. Convection

Another wonderful upgrade you’ll find with the LG range of stoves is the convection ovens. Traditional convention ovens have trouble evenly distributing the heat so cooking times can vary and the temperature be uneven. Bakers will enjoy the true convection ovens found on most of the LG ranges. The LG LSE3092ST electric range is a good example of how the convection oven can improve the quality of your baking.

It’s got two EvenJet Advanced S-shaped fans and two built-in heating elements in its 5.4 cu ft.  oven for faster preheat time and better heat distribution overall. You’ll find more uniform baking and roasting with consistent results. The LSE3092ST oven is also self-cleaning – another great option found on most of the LG line. Combine that with the five radiant cooking elements and you have an efficient stove that is easy to keep clean.

Happy Baking!

Shelagh McNally
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