samsung smart appliances.JPGIt’s been exciting to watch all of the smart home devices roll out over the past year or two – connected thermostats, light bulbs, and Wi-Fit connected door locks are creating an entirely new living environment for everyone in the house. But tech is starting to catch up with the area of the home that is, for me at least, the heart of my house – the kitchen.

Teching out the kitchen has always been a dream of mine, and it’s all starting to happen now thanks to the latest appliances. Today at CES 2015, Samsung introduced a few new innovations in kitchen and home appliances, and did a teaser for the Chef Collection app that’s got a lot of foodies seriously excited. Here’s a quick run down of what Samsung has in store this year.

The Chef Collection App samsung-chefs.jpg
If one of your dreams is to bring a sous chef into your house and have them make dinner for you, you’re not that far off from making that a reality. Samsung announced the Chef Collection App, and it’s a virtual way to step into the kitchens of some of the most amazing chefs in the world.  

The app, available this spring in the Google Play store, will be updated every two weeks with recipes, tips, and kitchen tricks.

The Chef Collection Tablet
Also coming this spring, you can create a true culinary experience at home with the Samsung Chef Collection tablet. The tablet will be packed with apps from partners and the unique Chef Collection App, and from the sounds of it, will definitely be your best friend in the kitchen.

samsung smart appliances.JPGSpeaking of Samsung Appliances…
What would a Samsung press conference be without the introduction of a few cool new innovations for their appliance lineup?

Samsung’s Flex Duo Range will now have a new hinged door. You’ll be able to open just the top half of the oven without opening the bottom, and that will give you two independent cooking environments so you can bake two different dishes at once. It’s also a convection oven, so you’ll get even heating throughout.

Samsung’s washing machines and dryers are already high capacity and ultra-efficient, but now they’ve added a few new twists. Activ Wash+ technology is new and amazing. You know how you pre-soak the extra dirty clothes before you wash them? You probably have a sink beside your washing machine, and you use it almost exclusively for soaking clothes. Once you pull them out, you end up dripping all the way to the washing machine, and that makes a mess.

With Activ Wash+ technology, you’ll be able to soak your clothes in a built-in sink, washer jet, and scrubber right on top of the washer. When you’re finished soaking, you can drop the clothes right into the drum and they’re ready to wash.

This is an amazing feature for more reasons than just not making a mess in your laundry room. With a built-in sink in your washing machine, you can actually remove your laundry sink from the room completely. I know if I removed mine I’d have a lot more room for baskets and shelves to organize everything, and more space means I’m more efficient at doing laundry.

Samsung has also come out with Super Speed technology, so your clothes will wash even faster than a standard machine.

And last but not least, Samsung announced the Powerbot VR9000, a robot vacuum with an extra-wide brush bar, 60 times more power than a conventional robot vacuum, and the ability to create a virtual map to guide the vacuum around your house. Set it for when you’re out and when you get home, your floors will be clean.

The latest appliances from Samsung and the Chef’s Collection app and tablet are exciting stuff. Take a peek at Best Buy’s lineup of Chef’s Collection appliances right now and stay tuned for more from CES 2015 right here on Plug In.

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