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What’s the best way to really kick off a brand new decade? Switch up or refresh something in your home. It doesn’t have to be a full renovation either. Sometimes all it takes is a single appliance and everything will feel new again. Use these tips to upgrade your kitchen for 2020 and you’ll feel like you just had a fresh start.

Upgrade your kitchen with a statement appliance

Have the feeling that once you upgrade one appliance you have to upgrade them all? Think again. You can upgrade a single appliance in your kitchen and it can still feel like a major upgrade. If you have a coil element range, switch up to a gas range with extra burner and full convection. Need space in your kitchen? Add an induction cooktop and switch over to wall ovens instead of a full-size range. You could even add a refrigerator with panel cover to have it blend seamlessly with your countertops.

Add some in-drawer upgrades

under counter microwave

If you have kitchen cabinets with drawers, you can put them to good use by creating an operational drawer that lets you store and use a small appliance. Case in point? The vacuum sealer.

Place your vacuum sealer in a drawer, have a hole in the back where you can have it plugged in, and you can use and store your vacuum sealer at the same time. You can also store a small microwave on a lower shelf to free up space on your counter, and that small switch will feel like your kitchen has just had a serious upgrade.

Smart appliances bring life to your kitchen 

Samsung family hubOne of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen in 2020 is by adding a smart appliance. Over the past few years, smart appliances have hit the mainstream and they are really starting to pop up everywhere. You can choose smart refrigerators with LCD panels you can use to stream music and video, interior cameras to show you the contents of your fridge via an app, and on-screen scheduling to keep your family connected.

You can also find smart ranges that let you turn your oven on and off remotely and have built-in recipes so your oven will automatically adjust to what you’re cooking.

Enjoy a new dishwasher with third rack

A third rack in your dishwasher might sound like it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it can have a serious effect on how quickly and efficiently you clean your dishes. Add a new dishwasher with third rack to your kitchen and you’ll have an extra spot for utensils or an area for spatulas, whisks, and other kitchen gadgets. That frees up room inside your main racks to add extra glasses or larger items.

Wine fridges add instant luxury

wine fridge

You can store your white wine in your refrigerator, but adding a wine fridge can make your entire kitchen feel like new. Wine refrigerators, also known as wine coolers, are small, compact, and can store bottles of wine, soda, or beer. Choose one with interior lights and glass door, pop it under the counter, and enjoy having a dedicated home for all of your favourite beverages.

Those are just 5 ways to upgrade your kitchen in 2020. Check out Best Buy for appliances and you’ll find even more ways to instantly upgrade your kitchen.

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