De'Longhi Pinguino portable air conditioner keeps a bedroom cool.

An air conditioner is an investment of money, time, and space. Whether you’ve decided on the portable, window, or wall version, its installation will surely take some extra planning. How do you find the right size? Where should you install it to maximize air flow? Do you need to purchase a plexiglass covering for your window? And like all investments, you’d want it to pay off. Looking at the benefits of air conditioning helps you decide if it’s worth the purchase.

Most people justify their air conditioner purchase by highlighting the comfort it provides. While there’s nothing wrong with purchases of comfort, an air conditioner is more than just a luxury. In fact, there are benefits of air conditioning for your health, productivity, and cost-saving measures.

1. Create healthy environments

There’s been lots of discussion about air pollution outdoors but air quality inside apartments and houses is important, too. The fact is that pollution from outside easily drifts indoors. Certain household cleaning products also produce pollutive particles. Portable air conditioners suck hot air from your room and cools it down through its filtration system. The system then pushes the hot air outside and the cool air back inside, creating air circulation.

While the degree to which this process purifies air has been debated, this circulation creates the cool air your body needs to stay healthy. Part of staying healthy is being well hydrated. One way your body cools itself down is by sweating. As your body loses water through sweat, you’ll need to rehydrate. A major benefit of air conditioning is that it helps prevent dehydration by allowing your body to retain its water. Some air conditioners also come with a humidifying function that further prevents dryness.

What’s more, when it gets too hot or humid inside, this can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Keeping the place cool, especially in areas like a basement that can get particularly humid, can help prevent the growth of mold.

2. Enjoy better rest

Delonghi portable air conditioner keeps bedroom cool.

If you’ve ever spent the night tossing and turning due to stifling heat, it’s no question that an air conditioner brings luxurious comfort. When heat becomes unbearable in daytime, you can cool down with a cold shower or ice beverage. But staying cool is not as easy during bedtime. And if you’re like me, you enjoy wrapping yourself under layers of blankets, creating a cozy cocoon.

Preventing heat from disrupting your sleep routine is another benefit of air conditioning. You can create your preferred temperature by starting the air conditioner around 30 minutes before bedtime. Allow the cool air to circulate, lowering both the room temperature and your body temperature. To save energy and avoid waking up freezing, set your air conditioner to shut off in 2 to 2.5 hours.

While most new air conditioners are not as noisy as older models, they still emit some white noise. For those who struggle with insomnia, this can be a fantastic function. If you regularly use white noise machines, an air conditioner does the same while cooling the room. It is also well known that having a consistent bedtime routine is crucial for getting a good rest. Make your air conditioner part of your bedtime routine: train your body to sleep as the air cools and the white noise begins. In addition to REM sleep, an air conditioner also supports your rest throughout the day. Taking a break from a series of Zoom meetings? It’s easier to relax your mind when your body isn’t under heat stress.

3. Maximize efficiency

Insignia portable air conditioner cools down living room.

In movies and books, summer is the season of activity. In reality, people often feel more tired under high temperatures. This is not just a feeling—it is backed by science as fatigue is a common sign of heat exhaustion. Heat can also lead to headaches and smaller appetites. Even if you’re far from a heat stroke, these effects are difficult to manage. At the very least, they are annoyances, making it hard to work, study, and carry out daily tasks.

An air conditioner removes these irritations. This gives you a stress-free mind (or at least one that isn’t stressed out by the heat) ready to focus on the tasks at hand. It’s no joke that one of the only times remote workers willingly go on site is during a sweltering summer day, just to enjoy the air-conditioned office. Not only do they feel much better, but they have an easier time working.

Another way air conditioners benefit productivity is during an at-home workout session. Our houses are no longer just where we sleep and eat. They are also where we work, exercise, and socialize. Make the most out of your home gym by installing an air conditioner that allows you to workout with a clear mind and relaxed body.

4. Encourage cost-saving practices

De'longhi Pinguino portable air conditioner cools down a living room.

Depending on the location and design of your kitchen, cooking during a heat wave can be undesirable. Heat from the oven and steam from the pot adds extra degrees to an already hot room. If your kitchen is east or west facing, you can expect temperatures to rise just as you are preparing breakfast or dinner. During the most sweltering days, you can’t even leave your window open out of fear that even more hot air will drift in. The only solution is to eat salads or other cold food for days. But that’s undesirable even if you don’t identify as a foodie. So, you end up eating out more often or spending fortunes on takeout. An air conditioner allows you to continue your meal prepping routine without turning your room into an air fryer.

On the topic of food costs, if you like to leave produce or condiments on kitchen counters, an air conditioner preserves them for longer periods. It’s no secret that food spoils faster when it’s hot, leading to an increase in food waste and potential contamination. Prevent squandering money on spoiled produce by using an air conditioner to keep your pantry cool.

5. Develop handiness skills

Insignia portable air conditioner installed near a window.

Air conditioners, particularly the portable ones, are some of the easiest appliances to install. Unlike a stove or a fridge, they are easy to move. In fact, most portable air conditioners come with wheels suitable for adjusting its placement in your room. While bigger appliances may require more tools, portable air conditioners usually come with the necessary installation tools. This makes it an approachable project for those wishing to gain handiness skills. For those with teenagers, installing a portable air conditioner is a useful project before sending them off to college. It helps develop skills in following instructions and working with one’s hands. If your air conditioner’s manual isn’t doing the work, Best Buy’s blog also offers tips and suggestions.

Nowadays, handiness is not just about physical work. It is also about knowing how to implement household technology to create more efficient lifestyles. Newer air conditioners often come with other functions. Depending on the model purchased, they may be able to dehumidify the air, heat the room, or act as a fan. More advanced models also have a built-in wifi function, allowing you to control it through an app. A multipurpose air conditioner is an opportunity to build on your technological dexterity. Going for a run and planning to take a 15-minute hot shower after? Program your air conditioner to start right when you return from your run.

The coolness provided by air conditioners do more than keep you comfortable. It has recognizable effects on your physical health and mindset. And let’s be clear: comfort should not just be a luxury. It should be a daily experience. Best Buy has a selection of air conditioners when you’ve decided that the fan or an open window at night is no longer enough.

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