If you’d like to trade up to a brand new TrackR Bravo Bluetooth Item Tracker, then today’s your lucky day! And that’s because now, for a limited time, you can bring in any crowd GPS item tracker and get a FREE TrackR Bravo replacement in exchange (that’s a $40 value!). If this amazing offer sounds irresistible to you, then read on for the full offer details below.

What is TrackR Bravo?

For those unfamiliar with the TrackR Bravo technology, first let us consider a few details about this device and how it can make your life easier. If you’ve ever misplaced your keys and then spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find them, you’ll immediately see the value of the TrackR Bravo system. Simply attach this coin-sized (that is, a 25 cent piece) gadget to your keys (or anything else that you frequently misplace) and you’ll never waste time searching for it/them again! If you discover that you’ve lost or misplaced something important, the TrackR App can easily locate it in seconds. Moreover, if you lose something with a TrackR attached when you’re out and about, TrackR’s Crowd GPS Network will conveniently inform you of the item’s last known location on a map, allowing you to easily recover the item (provided it stays put until you can get there). This works by turning all TrackR users devices into a large web (or network) of linked resources. Essentially, whenever someone else with a TrackR Bravo gets within close proximity of your missing item, their TrackR will record the location of the item and update that information on the map. It’s almost like having your own personal search party looking for your missing stuff!


Useful features of the TrackR Bravo include Item Ringer—simply tap the item ringer button to make TrackR ring your missing item, and Phone Finder—the easiest way to make your phone audibly tell you its location whenever you press the button on your TrackR Bravo device. Conveniently, this feature even works when your phone is in silent mode. As for the Item Ringer feature, this is highly useful for locating misplaced items (again, keys!!) around your home. For instance, if those pesky keys are hiding under some paperwork on your desk, or have fallen down behind your nightstand, you’ll soon find them! There’s even a Distance Indicator feature to let you know if and when you’re getting warmer (i.e., closer) to the missing item you’re searching for. Of course, the latest version of the TrackR Bravo device has some excellent new features, such as offering users the benefit of being able to swap out the battery when its existing one runs out!


FREE Replacement TrackR Offer

If you would like to take advantage of the TrackR exchange offer mentioned above, here’s the key info that you need to know:

  • First, this offer is valid from September 15th, 2017 through to September 21st, 2017 inclusive, but only as long as quantities last.
  • Second, to claim your FREE TrackR Bravo, simply bring any crowd GPS item tracker that you already own to a participating Best Buy location to make the exchange.
  • Note: There is a maximum of 1 TrackR per customer per day, with no rainchecks given and no cash value.
  • Finally, Participating stores vary by region. Due to municipal bylaws, trade-in is not currently available in Surrey and Kelowna (BC), Winnipeg (MB), Sudbury, Richmond Hill, and Woodbridge (ON), or Rosemere and Granby (QC). Also note that trade-in hours may vary from normal store hours. Please see in store for additional details.


For anyone interested in picking up a new TrackR Bravo unit, a better opportunity you will not find! But don’t delay! Quantities may be limited and you certainly don’t want to miss out. Good luck and enjoy being able to find things.


Leonard Bond
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  1. I have two of these trackers on my cats and they’ve been a life saver. They go out during the day but we want them to come in at night, and now all I have to do is stand in the middle of the yard and hit ring. We always find them nearby.

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