Unless you have a job where you’re working outside or you’re on your feet all day, the odds are you spend a lot of time sitting for a living. And by sitting for a living, I mean you use a computer for 6 to 8 hours per day while at a desk at home or in an office somewhere.

Because we sit all day, the desk we use and the chair we sit in have to be really comfortable. If they’re not both functional and comfortable, you’re going to be distracted and you’ll go in search of another spot to work in.

I don’t know about you, but during the course of my day I move my laptop around a lot. I start at my desk, move to the couch, over onto a chair, and finally end up on a stool in the kitchen. Why? I blame how uncomfortable my office chair is, because if it wasn’t so hard and unforgiving, I probably wouldn’t move at all.

A good office chair is a must have for anyone who sits at a computer for an extended period of time, and if you’re in the market for a new office chair, you’ve got to take a look at the DXRacer Formula High Back Ergonomic office chairs.

DXRacer Formula collection lets you swivel, tilt, and sit comfortably for hours and hours, plus they have a trick or two up their sleeve that makes them better than all the rest. Here’s a quick overview DXRacer Formula High Back Ergonomic office chair.

Bring some game into your office

A home office is usually made up of a computer, dxracer-formula-office-chair.jpgdesk, chair, and some storage. That’s not a lot of things you’ll need to choose, so you want the pieces you pick for your home office to mean something to you.
That’s where the DXRacer series of office chairs come in. They’re sleek and stylish, with a race car seat design that makes them the perfect chair for anyone who’s into gaming or just wants to liven up their office space.

If I had to pick my favourite just based on personal preference, I’d choose the DXRacer Formula pink and black office chair, but you can find them in red/black, blue/white, and green/black too.

DX-Formula-Recline.jpgCreated for comfort

It’s got the look a gamer is after, but the DXRacer Formula High Back Ergonomic Gaming Office Chairs are all comfort.

With both a headrest and a lumbar support cushion, the DXRacer Formula office chairs feature adjustable height and armrests so anyone can adjust the chair for a custom fit.

Not many office chairs offer full recline


You might want to sit comfortably upright when you’re working, but if you’re getting into your favourite game, you’ll want to really kick back and relax. The DXracer Formula collection of office chairs lets you do just that with a 180-degree seat recline and bolstered sides. That means you can grab your laptop, really recline your seat, and get right into the game.

There are so many different styles and colours in the DXracers series, you’ll have have a hard time choosing just one new office chair. Take a look at all of the office chairs in the DXRacer Formula High Back Ergonomic office chairs right now, and get ready to liven up your home office.

Here are a few more examples from the DX series

dx1.jpg dx2.jpg dxracer white.jpg


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